Saturday, July 31, 2010

One year mark.

SX and me passed our one year mark some time ago last month :)

He was especially pleasant to me that day even though I threw a small tantrum in the morning cos I was sleepy. Lol. If is usually, he would have lost his temper but this time he held his cool and talked to me nicely. haha. If only he is like this everyday. Lol.

While I was at work, he sent me an sms with some chinese love words (obviously copied from song lyrics), and there's one part where it says something like "you're so beautiful", then he put a bracket there and wrote (Today only hor, tomorrow no more).


Then around afternoon time, I suddenly received a surprise bouquet of flowers at my office from the florist!! 15 red roses with the pretty polkadot wrapping. Hee, I seriously thought that this time I wont be getting flowers anymore leh!!

He also told me that from the website it was supposed to be yellow roses but he change it to red cos he knows I don't like yellow.

On the card, it wrote some lovey dovey stuff, then at the bottom he signed off with "from your handsome laogong"

Not first time he praise himself liao. Actually I realised that every single time he gives me cards/apology notes, it always ends with "from your handsome laogong". Hahaha.

We head off to Dempsey road and dined in this restaurant.

There was no one else in there! I jokingly told sx "wah you book the whole restaurant for me ah." Hahaha.

This was the first time we ordered the same for every course!! Usually we would both try to eat different dishes but the choices were limited this time.

I'm in love with buffalo wings!
Hate those that gives me drumlets instead of midjoint, hate those that is flour-fried instead of normal fried like the one below, hate those that is not sourish, spicy. And most of the time, I get the wrong kind :(

So when I get the correct kind, I don't really care whether they are really very good or not. Any correct kind is good! (Actually I think it's not listed as buffalo wings in the menu. I think they listed it as blackpepper ginger chicken wings)

Our starter! I loved the smoked salmon. I hate the raw tuna. SX loved the raw tuna, he hated the smoked salmon. Haha.

This was appetizer. I felt that as a appetizer the serving was too big. I think the chicken and the sauce would be nice if eaten with rise (aka chinese style), but not suitable to be eaten in those tarts. Overall I felt like I was eating hospital food although the chicken was actually quite nice.

Our pork tenderloin. I think it tasted great! But the way the sauce is cooked seems different from usual western style.

SX had wanted merlot but he wanted me to try the 1664 beer cos it's fruity and sweet. I think it's nice!

Dessert for sx. The crepe no nice.

My chocolate icecream on chocolate cake? Very nice. Lol.

Ending off with my roses pictures!!
I think they are beautiful.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Giveaway for 3 lucky readers - Nails Extensions, Hair Extensions, Eyelash Extensions [Service by Millys]

I've been sponsored by Milly's for very long already. Actually, I think I owe much of my change to her.

First, it was hair extensions, which drastically changed how I look. I definitely look better with long hair than shoulder length hair!!

Then after that I did nails extensions and received alot of compliments for it.

And I also want to share all these good things to my readers!!!

Milly's going to sponsor 3 lucky readers with each of these services:

If you want pretty nails like mine, leave a comment in the following format:
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The one design that I choose to do for my next nail extension session will win ONE-TIME FREE NAIL EXTENSIONS SPONSORED BY MILLY!!!!

Hate your short hair and can't wait for it to grow to waist length?

Leave a comment below with:
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Hate your short lashes, lazy to put mascara and don't know how to stick on fake lashes?

Leave a comment below with:
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- "Like" FaithND on facebook. It's a portal where you get to know who are the artistes being brought in by this company and also contribute by suggesting popular idols for them to bring in :)

This services are all sponsored by Milly! For those who didn't win but still want be pretty, can call for appointment:

Far East Outlet : 6737 6723
Bugis : 6338 4137
or sms to 8383 5395.
Facebook: Millys Hair Lashes Nails

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

CandyDoll and DollyWinks

With regards to this advertorial,
NextAve's mailing list seems to have some problems, so please email her at if you want to add yourself to her mailing list and also win the Eyelash growth product and Whitening Eye Gel.


Sponsored Advertorial:

Besides giving me apparels, ShopOnBlog also gave me some cosmetic, beauty products!

First, my favourite one, is this pink polkadot eyelash case!! So pretty isn't it?

I'm the kind that will reuse my eyelashes until it spoil, so this lashcase comes in handy when I go out with lash and suddenly decide to take out before I go home or something!

2nd is this CandyDoll blusher. Blush is very important, if not you'll look too white!! I know I look like I have no blusher on in my pics but that's only because my flash is a tad overpowering. Blusher is one of the most important item in my daily makeup!

They also have other stuff from CandyDoll like lip concealer, lip glosses etc.

Another item I got is this Dollywink lower lash!! Everyone is saying how good their lashes are, I just had to get it! I haven't used it yet though, I scared I spoil it!
Key in "ESTHER" when ordering to get discount :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

before you go to bed....

This was what I was doing before daddy walked pass and commented "siao char bor"

Tucking the little babies to sleep :)

Good night bunny!

Good night round face!

Good night giant carebear!

Good night baby carebear!

Good night piggy~!

Good night Bobo!
Oh wells, apparently he likes to sleep like that.
(SX told me he sleeps like that too! Hahahahaha)

& good night, tiny one :)

After reading this entry daddy say me Crazy. T______T

Monday, July 26, 2010

You like my new bag?

Sponsored Advertorial:


Do you like my new bag?
(Jacket is from theblogshopsg)

I'm absolutely in love with it!

I think that I don't have any standard obsession. One moment I'm buying 5 shoes in 2 days, and another moment I'll be buying jackets in all colours and styles. Then there'll be times I'd be buying more and more bags.

I really like this new Mulberry Bayswater-inspired bag that PolkaDotPigs has given me. Expanding from fashion apparels, their new collection now also features pretty bag designs.

Here are some of them from the new collection.

Look out for more in upcoming collections!

Unfortunately for you, the bag above in that colour is sold out! However, there's still the black version so do grab it before someone else does.

Drop by the site to get your bag (and apparels) now!

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Brown belt $10

Blue dress $10

add $1 for normal postage
add $2.30 on top of normal postage for registered postage

email to

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The envy of all kids.

When I was 6 years old, my parents paid for a Mcdonalds Birthday Party for me. At time that, it was the ultimate coolness and I don't know why I looked so blur in the video.

Hahaha. If you want to see how I am as a kid, do see the video below! Nothing much though, just a candid little me.
(Do spot my sister too. She's SUPER cute when she was small.)

-Turn up the volume because it's very soft.

I'm so glad that someone videoed my birthday party for me. I still have alot more other videos when I was a kid. I even have some videos of a very ugly looking me when I was in upper primary and lower secondary. Can't believe how much my face has changed. If you all want see, I'll post more next time :D

Do leave a comment on this entry!

Friday, July 23, 2010


One short update!
I just got back from TheBlogShop's wholesale shope at CityPlaza to pick my clothes for the 2nd time! They are now my official clothing sponsor as I've announced afew weeks back. I like the owners of TheBlogShop and their designs are really ALOT and trendy and they are almost always sold out on the same day. They are only open on Mondays and Fridays and usually close at 5pm. Every single opening day they'll have new stocks. Awesome or whatttttttttt.

When I get my next pay, I'll be getting a new, bigger closet because my current wardrobe is packed to the rim! So excited!!

I actually wanted to split rooms with my sis (we currently share a study room and a bedroom together), and refurnish my new room to have a walk in wardrobe but in the end I realised that it'll be alot of work and that I don't dare to sleep alone, so we settled for a new closet.

Gonna buy a full length mirror too! Then I can take pictures of my outfits and haolian on my blog! hahaha.

I'm going to the POCC pink party tomorrow at Zouk! Gonna have to do a fashion walk on the stage and I'm so afraid that I would forget my speech! They have a bazaar in the afternoon and I've contributed some stuffs for the Charity Booth, so do your part by coming down and getting anything that catches your eye k!

Alright. Gdnight for now!

Can you go Yahoo that?

Things We Call By Brand Name Rather Than What They Actually Are.

I thought of sharing this while I was having my Roti Prata afew days ago and discussing with my sis about something related to cheese.

What do you call those cheese slices? I call it Cheesedale!! I guess it resulted from an old advertisement when I was young, and from then on whenever I go to the supermarket with mum I would say: "can buy cheesedale?"

There are actually ALOT of stuff which we call by brand name instead of their generic name! I think it actually shows the success of the brand marketing. Here's my list of items that I called wrongly:

1. Pampers
Actual name: Diapers

My parents call it Pampers and I always thought that it was called Pampers but when I grow up then I realise it is actually a brand name and it should be called Diapers. Who else call it Pampers??

2. Kotex
Actual name: Sanitary pads

Mum always asks us if we got enough Kotex, even though sometimes the brand we are using is Whisper.

3. Ajinomoto
Actual name: MSG

Since young my maids all call it Ajinomoto also lor -.-" Until I grow up liao then I finally realise it's brand name.

4. Colgate
Actual name: Toothpaste

5. Mopiko
Actual name: Mosquito Repellent

6. Bubble Wrap
Actual name: Inflated cushioning

7. Uhu Glue
Actual name: Glue stick

8. Frisbee
Actual name: Flying Disc

9. Google
Actual name: Finding something in a Search Engine (we don't hear people say 'can you go yahoo that?' right?)

10. Hulahoop
Actual name: Toy Hoop Ring

11. Photoshop
Actual: Photo Manipulation (I mean, there are other ways to edit pictures besides the photoshop program right?)

12. Play-Doh
Actual: Modeling compound clay for children

13. Polaroid
Actual: instant photograph or instant camera

14. Post-its
Actual: sticky notes

15. Scotch Tape
Actual: Clear adhesive tape

16. Tupperware
Actual: Food/Plastic Containers

17. Styrofoam
Actual: extruded polystyrene foam

18. Vicks/Vaseline
Actual: petroleum jelly

19. Walkie-Talkie
Actual: any portable handheld radio or two-way radio transceiver.

20. Ketchup
Actual: Tomato sauce

Actual: Instant Noodles. My home uses Myojo and ChuQianYiDing brand but we still called it maggi mee since we are kids. Till now we still say Maggi Mee. Lol.

Can you think of anymore?

I researched some of them, and edited according to local context. Bet you didn't even know you were using Brand name instead of the correct generic name right!!

Just for your info...

Below are a few examples of trademarks that have lost their legal protection — at least in the United States:

(which means they were actually brand names but became so massly used that they because generic names.)

•“Aspirin” — originally a trademark of Bayer AG
•“Cellophane” — originally a trademark of DuPont
•“Dry Ice” — originally a trademark by Dry Ice Corporation of America
•“Escalator” — originally a trademark of the Otis Elevator Company
•“Kerosene” — originally trademarked by Abraham Gesner
•“Videotape” — originally a trademark of Ampex Corporation
•“Yo-Yo” — originally a trademark of Duncan Yo-Yo Company
•“Zipper” — originally a trademark of B.F. Goodrich

Thursday, July 22, 2010

- Giveaway!


Another giveaway for you readers!

Awhile back, I received this little parcel from NextAve and there were 3 carefully wrapped items in it.

The first product: This Beely Eyelash Growth promises to lengthen ur eyelashes by at least 3mm. & up to 7mm.After 7 days of usage, users will realize that their eyelashes are more healthy,they don't fall off so easily like before.After 15 days their eyelaashes will be lengthen up to 3mm.After 28 days it can grow up to 7mm(depend on individual).It is the no.1 seller in Taiwan now.

I'm sure everyone wishes for longer eyelashes. I wished I had natural long and thick lashes. Mine are non-existent! If you are like me, you can win the Beely Eyelash Growth as above! Otherwise, you can also buy some faux eyelashes on Nextave too!

The 2nd product is nail polish wipes. I always find it a hassle to remove polish. I hate to use the usual way with nail polish remover and cotton pads. It's like removing makeup, I prefer to use wipes than washing it with a liquid makeup remover. This product, I'm keeping it for myself!

The 3rd product would definitely be useful for you night owls out there. Get rid of dark eyes by using this whitening eye gel.

To win the 1st and 3rd time, add yourself to the mailing list and the owner will randomly pick two for me to send the items to! It's all game of luck :) add your email into this mailing list instead

Besides these 3 items, there are also many other beautifiers from

Other products include:

Check them out at!

One bear bigger than the next.

Hello Everyone!!

I'm small!

Do you spot me?

I'm so tiny I'm cute.

Anyway, how come Bobo's leg is one dark one white???

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Omy blog awards

Attended the Omy Blog Awards, and was so surprised to see my picture on Wanbao and Mypaper after that cos I didn't win any award!

Haha my grandma called to ask my mum if that girl is me. Cannot recognise meh! I decided not to put up the picture cos my face in the picture very fat T_T

The dress code for the day was Hollywood bling. I decided to dress down and regretted it cos everyone else was dressed up!

Me and Elise sitting half a chair each cos don't have enough chairs for everyone!

We all pasted "I like" stickers on Jayden's outfit cos we liked it!

He got called upstage for "Headturner" and he won the prize cos he got the most stickers. Seriously, the stickers on him were overflowing! Front, back, sleeves!

Went off afterwards and we met up with SX for dinner at Heaven's Loft. Yums!


My clearance sale post is updated with new pieces!
I added afew more pieces and also lowered all prices of previous leftover items due to deadbuyers, to $10 only.

Buy all at $110 inclusive of postage fees :)
Items include White maxi dress, light blue dress with lace, and floral dresses :) Go have a look!