Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Peggy's birthday party

Attended Peggy's birthday party at Santa Grand Hotel!

At the lobby waiting for the rest before I went up alone because they are all so late! Haha.

Didn't know many people there, besides Jayne, Xiaoxue, Silver, Sabrina (not in picture) and Gabby (not in picture)

Photos with the birthday girl!

Was rushing off so couldn't stay for her birthday cake cutting. Sorry babe! Next year! ^_^

My tank dress is from TheFashionStreet!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Early Weekend

Was up really early on one of the weekend! That explains the horrible eye creases I have in this entry.

I love breakfast at Hans. I usually choose Sunny Side Up over Scrambled Eggs, but the Scrambled Eggs at Hans are really runny and the texture is just so good.

We had a impromptu decision to head over to Kbox for singing session! The K-Lunch was quite affordable and value for money in my opinion! Two bento rice sets (the food was so-so) and drinks.

The new touchscreen is great, but there's only one flaw to it. It's not portable. Unlike the remote, we cannot stay in our seats to choose songs. Had to go over to this "station" all the time just to pick songs. But it's more user-friendly than the usual remote kind I guess, many more functions too.

Random shots while waiting for someone to pick up the car...

My ripped top is from! It comes in black too!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Blink blink

There are a lot of lousy eyelash glue around and sometimes we need to spend a lot and try out different brands just to find a good and suitable one. This is why recommendations are always good!

I usually buy mine from this ulu shop in Bugis Street. I no longer just buy it from anywhere. Sometimes BRAND-X works awesome when I buy from a random shop, but when I buy the same brand from another shop, it is diluted. Very confusing! Better to just stick to a supplier, like online websites.

I recently tried this eyelash fixer from, and I like it!

The brush attached to the cap makes it easy to apply the glue on the thin rim of a faux eyelash.

I also attempted some dramatic faux lashes available on their site.
This one below is 816. I quite like the effect against my eyeshadow color! What do you think?

This is how it looks on the box:

Then, I tried 464. Love how it perks up the eyes because of the long and slant edges! I think it is very suitable for people with droopy eyes.

(Top from

The thing I love about Their prompt replies and awesome attitude!
Check out the awesome reviews on their site too!

Visit their web:
Like them on FB:

Sunday, May 27, 2012



Went out with Isaac and Benjamin a couple of days back and they took my phone to set up an Instagram account! Friends around me have been pestering me to sign up but I have never particularly took any interest to it. Moreover, the username "estherxie" has been taken and I did not want to re-use "iceangel". In the end they decided on "theiceangel", which is the same as my twitter account. Okay then! So, we took a photo on the spot and uploaded my first picture!

This photo looked better when it's small and on the phone! :(

After that I got kinda hooked and have posted up 3 more photos. Find me on instagram - theiceangel!


Received this box of Zappyboy everyday wipes at my doorstep about a week ago! So many, and in different colors too.

It is so refreshing for the hot weather recently and I love the fragrance. My mum, my dad, my sis and my friends already took some and they all love it. The packaging is cute and good to bring out. There are 15 wipes in one packet, enough for daily use!


Cosmic-Hearts has a range of stylish apparels, like the one above -Wing Tipped Collar Top! Other pieces that caught my eyes are "Owl Maxi Tank" and "Floral HW Shorts".

The designs featured are all trendy and wearable!

Those who quote " Esther Xie's readers" gets free normal postage!!! ^^


Pretty Moi is an online webstore that carries affordable and chic fashion for working and non-working adults. I love the feminine designs in store! My readers will be entitled to 5% discount plus complimentary normal mail. Please quote "ESTHER" at the discount box upon checkout of your items.
Promotion ends Sunday, 3rd June 2012.

Let me end off this entry with a funny picture my friend sent to me!

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Saturday, May 26, 2012


Attended a Zalora event last weekend!

The fashion buyers of Zalora - Lauren Fristcher and Roslyn Johnson, shared some stuffs in relation to Zalora and their work. They looked like they have awesome cool jobs!

After the sharing session, we had a little fashion show with models strutting Zalora items. Love this outfit below!

This was my favorite outfit of the models. Love the tiered bottom. It's so sweet and girly!

After that we had time to mingle and do nails. Fidelis learnt how to make a cocktail!

Photos with Fidelis and Jayne. Love their outfits that day!

Love my outfit too! It's from I love the color, plus the striped scarf makes it look so chic too. Millywalker always have unique designs available in store. Remember to click on the SALE tab as many items are more than 50% discount off. I also saw some promotions going on for people on mailing list. Check them out!

Also, look at what Zalora gave us at the event. Mine is pink!!! Thanks Zalora!

I have something for you readers :)
Besides the free shipping offered by Zalora, you get 10% discount just by keying "ESTHERFANS" when upon check out of your purchases!

Have fun shopping!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Best Individual Blog - Finalists

Hi Everyone~ I'm here to announce something happy! :)

I'm one of the finalists for Singapore Blog Awards 2012, under the category Best Individual Blog! I started blogging since 2006 and it has been 6 years already. From a teenager to a young adult, a bunch of readers have watched me slowly grow up. I feel very lucky and thankful to have this platform to share all my ups and downs with you readers.

If you do not already know, I blog mainly about myself, my life, my feelings and my experiences. I do not have any niche or especially interesting content but I'm happy that this blog is raw and true, like a personal diary. Can this be counted as my individual style?

The other finalists in the same category are strong competitors with their own individual unique points, so I really need your support! If you like reading my blog, kindly vote for me -

Thank you! I hope you win the "voters" prize!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Random word update

Hey people!

Just a random update because I felt like typing haha.

It's such a wonder that I wrote the blog entry yesterday with a terrible headache yet less than 24 hours later I'm now here happily typing away again.

I'm so happy because last night my photographer sent me the photos taken for my new blogskin! I'm so excited to start working on it! Now, all I need is time. Aaah, free time is so rare nowadays. Sadly, my rare free time are mostly dominated by headaches and the strong need to rest from fatigue. But, I'm still working hard to continue updating my blog! I don't know why I just can't leave it stagnant for 3-4 days. I'd feel the itch to at least post something up!

So anyway, my boss just replaced the slow laggy computers in the office so now I'm using a new laptop! Very happy to be working on a faster machine. Now, just waiting for dad to upgrade the ram for my home computer. It's also functioning way too slow. Can you imagine, for the past few months or so, everyday I go to to work facing a slow laggy computer, and then go home to face a slow laggy computer again. Lots of angst everyday just because of the computer.

Back to the new blogskin, it will have a cleaner and neater look. I think I'd still stick to having a girly pink theme though. Except that maybe this time it will be more white and less pink. I'd also be compiling my favorite entries into a page so that you readers can easily access them!

Now I'm just thinking about how I should write the About Me page! I hate writing such descriptions because I just cannot find defining words to describe myself!

I'd also be clearing away the old advertisement banners on my current blog to declutter the space. To celebrate my new blogskin, I'm now offering promotional rates (Up to 50% off usual price!) for blogshop advertorials and banners! (OFFER IS FOR LIMITED PERIOD ONLY AND THERE WILL BE LIMITED AD SPACE) 

If you are blogshop owner interested in placing your banners on my new blogskin or having an advertorial on my blog, kindly email me at for the rates and more information! :)

Thank you!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Old School Delights

It's mystery makan once again! It was Nadia's turn to organize and she implemented the theme "Retro". First, a photo of my shoe that day.

Don't the shoes look a little like school girl shoes? So apt for Old School Delights!

So anyway, the lighting in the cafe was really yellowish and most of my photos were dark and yellow. Had a hard time editing! Halfway through I found the "auto color-correction" function and that made adjusting so much easier! This is the reason why the photos in this entry are all inconsistent in color.

The place was crowded, especially young people, many of whom were probably students!

We were given whiteboard and marker to write down our orders! Fun!

Lots of old toys like the sticky bubbles (what's the real name for that?) and marbles!

Are these from your generation? I briefly played some of the stuff before during childhood but they weren't really as prominent as Barbie, plastic toys or Playdoh, etc. I guess I was born during a time when it was already half-modern yet still not fully modern.

But! Fidelis is the same age as me and she has no idea what is the "flag eraser" game!!! We were all so shocked!

Some toys were available in an old toy box on each table. We tried the Five Stones while waiting for our food to arrive. The guys knew more about the rules of Five Stones than us girls!!

Old drink bottles.

Enid Blyton!!!! Books I read during my primary and secondary school days. Haha.

The tins at the bottom of this shelf has snacks that I slightly remember from my primary school days!

The food offered at Old School Delights were indeed old school style indeed!

This Leon went to draw the cake on the order board instead of writing the name. Who knows what cake he drawing!!! Lol.

The waitress finally deciphered his cake drawing. Lol.

Me and my nasi lemak :D

I don't know about the others, but I was very surprised at the taste of my food. I usually have low expectations for such cafes that emphasize a lot on image, but my nasi lemak was sedap! I tried the laksa too and it's yummy!! ^_^

The guys immersed in eating their laksa~

I wore this earring to match my retro outfit.

I got myself a polkadot mint green blouse specially for this dinner. Went to Millys to do mint green nails to match!

With Jacelyn.

The boys! For guys it is more difficult to adhere to the retro theme. so they all wore Checkered/Stripes to 意思意思一下。

The girls! I think that me and Jacelyn belong to one type of retro while Nadia and Fidelis belong to another era of retroness. What do you all think?

Then Nadia started playing the old-school chopstick hand game with David and Fidelis started playing this "breaking" hand game with Leon! Do you know these games?

Had fun chatting! Good times had to end, so we went off to have after-dinner drinks elsewhere. Before that, we took photos before leaving.

Check out the old school phone!! Haha.

Full photo of my outfit here!

With Fidelis.

The girls! ^_^ I look forward to the next mystery makan!

Ending this entry with another photo of my outfit! :)

Wrote this entry with an annoying headache. Sorry if I sound incoherent :x Okay finally can go to sleep now. Good night.