Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Early Weekend

Was up really early on one of the weekend! That explains the horrible eye creases I have in this entry.

I love breakfast at Hans. I usually choose Sunny Side Up over Scrambled Eggs, but the Scrambled Eggs at Hans are really runny and the texture is just so good.

We had a impromptu decision to head over to Kbox for singing session! The K-Lunch was quite affordable and value for money in my opinion! Two bento rice sets (the food was so-so) and drinks.

The new touchscreen is great, but there's only one flaw to it. It's not portable. Unlike the remote, we cannot stay in our seats to choose songs. Had to go over to this "station" all the time just to pick songs. But it's more user-friendly than the usual remote kind I guess, many more functions too.

Random shots while waiting for someone to pick up the car...

My ripped top is from http://mamatiam.com! It comes in black too!

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