Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Clara's wedding

Love her pre-wedding photo album! Many different themes and this one caught my eye.

(1) Me with the pretty bride Clara.
(2) Me with Nadia and Jacelyn

Just before the first march in~~

Check out her gown! Lovely trail! I think wedding marches are one of the highlights of all weddings!

My table should be the "bloggers" table bah! All bloggers! Photo without Mint and Hayley.

My absolute favourite of all weddings is the "video" part. Always very touching and full of love one!

The 2nd "march in" after gown change was special! The bride sat on the bicycle while the groom cycled to the front of the stage.

Had a good time chatting with everyone that day!

We all ended up laughing so much at the dessert snatching part. Don't know how I can explain what exactly happened but it was soooo funny. And we conclude that Jiaqi has fantastic scissors paper stone skills/luck.

Congratulations to Clara again! :)

I'm 22 now. Most people around me are either in very long and stable relationships or engaged already. Soon, everyone will be getting married one by one! Except me, because I just reset back to zero after the recent end of my relationship. Gotta start over! Guess I'd be getting married later than everyone else T_T

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  1. Who knew you would get married at 27 in 2017? haha fate is funny.