Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Old School Delights

It's mystery makan once again! It was Nadia's turn to organize and she implemented the theme "Retro". First, a photo of my shoe that day.

Don't the shoes look a little like school girl shoes? So apt for Old School Delights!

So anyway, the lighting in the cafe was really yellowish and most of my photos were dark and yellow. Had a hard time editing! Halfway through I found the "auto color-correction" function and that made adjusting so much easier! This is the reason why the photos in this entry are all inconsistent in color.

The place was crowded, especially young people, many of whom were probably students!

We were given whiteboard and marker to write down our orders! Fun!

Lots of old toys like the sticky bubbles (what's the real name for that?) and marbles!

Are these from your generation? I briefly played some of the stuff before during childhood but they weren't really as prominent as Barbie, plastic toys or Playdoh, etc. I guess I was born during a time when it was already half-modern yet still not fully modern.

But! Fidelis is the same age as me and she has no idea what is the "flag eraser" game!!! We were all so shocked!

Some toys were available in an old toy box on each table. We tried the Five Stones while waiting for our food to arrive. The guys knew more about the rules of Five Stones than us girls!!

Old drink bottles.

Enid Blyton!!!! Books I read during my primary and secondary school days. Haha.

The tins at the bottom of this shelf has snacks that I slightly remember from my primary school days!

The food offered at Old School Delights were indeed old school style indeed!

This Leon went to draw the cake on the order board instead of writing the name. Who knows what cake he drawing!!! Lol.

The waitress finally deciphered his cake drawing. Lol.

Me and my nasi lemak :D

I don't know about the others, but I was very surprised at the taste of my food. I usually have low expectations for such cafes that emphasize a lot on image, but my nasi lemak was sedap! I tried the laksa too and it's yummy!! ^_^

The guys immersed in eating their laksa~

I wore this earring to match my retro outfit.

I got myself a polkadot mint green blouse specially for this dinner. Went to Millys to do mint green nails to match!

With Jacelyn.

The boys! For guys it is more difficult to adhere to the retro theme. so they all wore Checkered/Stripes to 意思意思一下。

The girls! I think that me and Jacelyn belong to one type of retro while Nadia and Fidelis belong to another era of retroness. What do you all think?

Then Nadia started playing the old-school chopstick hand game with David and Fidelis started playing this "breaking" hand game with Leon! Do you know these games?

Had fun chatting! Good times had to end, so we went off to have after-dinner drinks elsewhere. Before that, we took photos before leaving.

Check out the old school phone!! Haha.

Full photo of my outfit here!

With Fidelis.

The girls! ^_^ I look forward to the next mystery makan!

Ending this entry with another photo of my outfit! :)

Wrote this entry with an annoying headache. Sorry if I sound incoherent :x Okay finally can go to sleep now. Good night.

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