Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Random word update

Hey people!

Just a random update because I felt like typing haha.

It's such a wonder that I wrote the blog entry yesterday with a terrible headache yet less than 24 hours later I'm now here happily typing away again.

I'm so happy because last night my photographer sent me the photos taken for my new blogskin! I'm so excited to start working on it! Now, all I need is time. Aaah, free time is so rare nowadays. Sadly, my rare free time are mostly dominated by headaches and the strong need to rest from fatigue. But, I'm still working hard to continue updating my blog! I don't know why I just can't leave it stagnant for 3-4 days. I'd feel the itch to at least post something up!

So anyway, my boss just replaced the slow laggy computers in the office so now I'm using a new laptop! Very happy to be working on a faster machine. Now, just waiting for dad to upgrade the ram for my home computer. It's also functioning way too slow. Can you imagine, for the past few months or so, everyday I go to to work facing a slow laggy computer, and then go home to face a slow laggy computer again. Lots of angst everyday just because of the computer.

Back to the new blogskin, it will have a cleaner and neater look. I think I'd still stick to having a girly pink theme though. Except that maybe this time it will be more white and less pink. I'd also be compiling my favorite entries into a page so that you readers can easily access them!

Now I'm just thinking about how I should write the About Me page! I hate writing such descriptions because I just cannot find defining words to describe myself!

I'd also be clearing away the old advertisement banners on my current blog to declutter the space. To celebrate my new blogskin, I'm now offering promotional rates (Up to 50% off usual price!) for blogshop advertorials and banners! (OFFER IS FOR LIMITED PERIOD ONLY AND THERE WILL BE LIMITED AD SPACE) 

If you are blogshop owner interested in placing your banners on my new blogskin or having an advertorial on my blog, kindly email me at for the rates and more information! :)

Thank you!

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