Monday, May 28, 2012

Blink blink

There are a lot of lousy eyelash glue around and sometimes we need to spend a lot and try out different brands just to find a good and suitable one. This is why recommendations are always good!

I usually buy mine from this ulu shop in Bugis Street. I no longer just buy it from anywhere. Sometimes BRAND-X works awesome when I buy from a random shop, but when I buy the same brand from another shop, it is diluted. Very confusing! Better to just stick to a supplier, like online websites.

I recently tried this eyelash fixer from, and I like it!

The brush attached to the cap makes it easy to apply the glue on the thin rim of a faux eyelash.

I also attempted some dramatic faux lashes available on their site.
This one below is 816. I quite like the effect against my eyeshadow color! What do you think?

This is how it looks on the box:

Then, I tried 464. Love how it perks up the eyes because of the long and slant edges! I think it is very suitable for people with droopy eyes.

(Top from

The thing I love about Their prompt replies and awesome attitude!
Check out the awesome reviews on their site too!

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