Sunday, May 20, 2012

Random Photos

Back when I wasn't working regular full time hours, I had never appreciated the true meaning of TGIF. Weekends were just another 2 days for me. I've never felt specially happy when Friday comes.

But now, I find myself looking forward to the weekends all the time! You can always see a grin on my face when Friday evening comes and always hear me grumble "tomorrow is monday~ :(" on Sundays. Haha. I spend so much time at work, I think that it takes up most of my time. I wake up early, rush to work, stay there, till evening. By the time I make my way home, the sky is dark already. Then I eat dinner, watch abit of TV or laze around, then it's 10pm already. Only 2 hours left for me to blog! Sometimes when I'm lazy to sort photos, I just surf the internet aimlessly, checking out other blogs and wishing that I had more time for myself to do the things I like to do. Then weekend comes. I try to make time to hang out with friends and also find time to blog. Most of the time, I can only do one because I always end up waking up late because of how tired I am.

So anyway, today is not a proper blog entry. Lets just share some random photos I took using the iphone recently, and at the same time share some updates!

Was browsing books at a store when I saw this statement. Funny! Haha.

Went to play games at Pasar Malam and won back 3 plushies among other useless toys and stickers. haha.

Itchy hand went to open up a thumbdrive. Aaahh, so that's how it looks like inside!

Had dinner at Paradise Inn with my family after a long day of shopping at Suntec!

Headed to Milly's few days back and they have new gelish colors! Such a wide selection that I always cannot decide my color!

Mother's day was a simple affair this year. Dad treated the family to zhichar at our neighbourhood. The food was good and satisfying!

It has been a long time since we went to select gifts on our own for my mum. Usually on special occasions the star gets to choose what he/she wants and we'd just pay for it. But this time, we went to choose it ourselves! I walked around plenty shops and finally decided on this bag from Charles and Keith for mum. Was torn between this bag and another one, but luckily mum said she prefer this one after looking at the pictures I secretly took of the other bag!

Sis made a cheesecake for mum!

Drawn by me. Paper & markers contributed by sis. Haha.

A long time back Arthur brought me to this Japanese restaurant Beppu Menkan at Tiong Bahru Mall and it was yummy. After afew years, I went there again and it's still so yummy!

I blogged about Kay Lee Roast Meat Joint some time back. This time, I queued 45 minutes for it! Better than previously, all more than 1 hour! But it's so worth it.... Yummy!

Surprise breakfast! ^_^ Someone knew that I love Eggs Benedict and secretly went to find the recipe, woke up super early to try making it at home, and then surprised me below my house with it one fine morning! Surprisingly, it tasted just like the ones we eat at brunch restaurants!!

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