Thursday, April 19, 2012

Kay Lee Roast Meat Joint

Not sure if you heard of Kay lee Roast Meat Joint. The news of the owners wanting to selling their recipe for $2 Million was hot topic some weeks back. Including the premises, they were looking to sell the business at $3.5m.

Kay Lee Roast Meat Joint is quite near my workplace, so I've been there multiple times even before the news came out. When I first shifted office to this place, the business was quite good and usually I had to queue around 15 minutes. From what I know, this place was recommended on the newspapers many times due to their delicious food.

The first time I tried their food, I was puzzled. I ordered the duck and it tasted normal. I had no idea why so many people queue for the food everyday. I certainly did not think the duck meat was worth queuing for.

Then, I gave it a 2nd try some time later. This time, I tried Charsiew and the Roasted Meat. Then, I was hooked. The charsiew is probably one of the best I've tried. It's burnt, fatty, and the sauce was not the usual one sold at usual coffee shops. The Roast Meat is flavorsome and crispy.

After that, I kept going back and my usual order was Charsiew and Roasted Meat rice with a bowl of soup (I rotate between Salted veg duck soup, watercress pork ribs soup and old cucumber pork ribs soup. They also have other soup choices.)

However, after the news broke out about them selling the business, the queue suddenly became so much longer! It's quite sad for me because now I can't have it for lunch anymore! :( Even up till now, the news has went down a little already but the queue is still so long!

My friend came to visit me for lunch last week and we decided to try queuing. We ended up queuing for 1 hour 20 minutes -_-

We ordered 3 meat on a platter. Roast duck, roast meat and my fave char siew!

Old cucumber soup. Their soup is not very consistent but a nice add-on to the meal! The meal was $26 for two person.

The following day my friend came to queue early and I came down from my office just in time to eat!! Haha. We order the same thing, but salted veg duck soup this time. Meal was $28 for two person as this time we got drinks too.

Hope the crowd go away soon so that I can eat it regularly again like I used to!

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