Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Hello people! I'm going to blog about Dblchin's Hen's Night today, so this whole entry will be plastered with her face because she was the star of the night!

I'm 22 this year!!! Entering the age of Hen's Night and Weddings!! So excited ^^ (Probably won't be so exciting when I have to give out angbaos every month soon..... Lol.)

A picture outside St James while waiting for the star to arrive!

Clara finally arrived and we put on the veil and "L - Bride to be" badge on her! We also presented the board made specially for her! "I'm Single (for tonight)"!

Drinks to warm up the bride-to-be before we torture her with missions to complete!

Clara's missions for the night~~

1. Get a condom from a guy - COMPLETED in exchange for a hug!
2. Kiss 3 guys on the cheek or 1 guy on the lips. - COMPLETED! Clara chose 3 guys to help the task!
3. Get the number of a guy. - COMPLETED!

She easily passed all these!!! I left earlier and the next day I heard she was also saboed to go up on stage to lick a random stranger's belly and use her mouth to take something from the man's mouth!!!!! She's so sporting! Then she also did dirty dancing with another guy.... Wild night!

Smith giving Clara her sexy see-through lingerie to wear. Lucky for her, we only requested it to be worn together with her top.... Haha...

Clara is not to lose her board or she'll have to drink as penalty! We girls had so much fun trying to distract her and take away her board! :p

Was a fun night! Too bad I had to leave just as Silver and Mint walked in.

And.... I'm now convinced NOT to have clubbing as my Hen's Night..... Haha!

*Just realised that this entry is full of exclamation marks. Lol.

(Credit: Dress has a peekaboo back... From! The gold necklace also from!)

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