Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pink Dress

On Good Friday, my whole family didn't have to work so we sat on the MRT from Pasir Ris all the way to Jurong East! Went to the new shopping centre J-Cube with my grandparents and uncle.

After that, we went to IMM. Couldn't recognise IMM even after I was inside! Was so long since I last stepped in there, changed so much!

Ate lots that day! For lunch at 1pm I had KFC, then at around 3PM we had Fried Carrot Cake, then at 5pm, we had Mcdonalds ice-cream cone, at 6pm++ we had cheesecake and 7pm we had a filling dinner!

Wore this lovely pink dress from :) They have a wide range of designs, from casuals to office dresses, cute to sweet, and plenty others! Recently they are also featuring quite a number of bags! This one I'm carrying below is from MissQueenie too. Can put many things inside!

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