Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Social Travel Star

Social Travel Star

Limousine to fetch me and Agri!

It's my 2nd time on a limousine already! The previous time was some years back!

Where is the limo bringing us to?

The reception area of Klapsons Hotel is so cool!

Met Sabrina there! For once she is earlier than me! Hahaha.

There were several "stations" at the ballroom for us! After dinner, me and Peggy immediately went to the massage station first :p We did two types of massage - shoulders and back! Shiok!

There was also a "nail palour" for guests to do manicures. I had gelish on, so I didn't do it but Peggy did!

While she was beautify her nails, I sat in front of this artist for him to draw me!

End result.... I laughed when I saw this picture cos he also drew the bag I was hugging!! Lol.

Met Brad and Jacelyn there too!

Saw that card I was holding above? AsiaRooms is searching for Singapore's Next Social Travel Star!!

AsiaRooms.com, a leading accommodation site, has launched a competition to look for Singapore’s next social travel stars – a pair of travel hosts – who will travel and review twelve unique hotels across four countries.

Winners of the competition will debut on AsiaRooms.com’s brand new YouTube channel, and they get to win up to $10,000 worth of cash and prizes.

More information about the contest can be found at http://facebook.com/asiarooms! Also, view the YouTube video explaining more about the contest!

Contestants are required to submit their entries by 11 April 2012. Good Luck!

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