Tuesday, April 10, 2012


This few days I have been pondering about something for a bit. Life works in such an amazing way.

A couple of months back, I probably wouldn't have thought that my relationship would end in such a sudden way. Yes, there were bitter moments here and there but we always pulled through it. I have always wondered what would be the last draw before we finally get separated. Aah, so this is it.

A couple of months back, I would have never imagined that we would disappear from each other's life. We were so close, we spoke to each other everyday, he had a routine of sending me a message as he leaves his house for work. The message was the same everyday. I complained that it looked like he saved it as a template and just resent the same thing everyday. Yet when I look back on it now, the words felt wonderful. The words felt more than just words. The words represented something that was in our relationship. Something so simple, yet so deeply rooted into our daily lives.

A couple of months back, I could tell him everything. He read me like a book & I knew him. Never did I know that two months on, we would be like strangers. We would eventually feel like strangers. We would suddenly realize that we do not actually know each other as much as we thought. We turn back to strangers.

A couple of months back, I would have never imagined that I'd be able to live without him.

A couple of months back, I would never have expected that some people would walk into my life. New people. Strangers before all this. I made friends... and I found the strength from these people to move on.

A couple of months back, I would never have predicted my lifestyle would have such a huge shift, such a huge change.

Fate is such a intriguing thing. It's so beautiful. Yet so cruel.

"One day you had a VIP pass to their life and the next, you’re shut out completely."

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