Friday, April 20, 2012

$9 contact lens

My flat has 13 levels.
Each level has 5 units.
There are 2 lifts.
The lifts go up only to 12th floor, so those living on the 13th level will have to climb up one level of stairs.

A few days ago, we got a notice that one lift will be out of operations till 3RD QUARTER OF 2013. For what? To make the lift go up to 13th floor.

What's the point?!

Look at this, 1.5 years of inconvenience, just for ONE level?

I understand the upgrading done for other older flats, because they had lifts which only stop at every 3 levels. Upgrading the lift to stop at every level will be good for most of the residents.

But my flat?

We are upgrading only ONE of our two lifts. Lets say you are the 13th floor resident. For the past decade you have been going up to 12th floor and climbing up ONE level of stairs to reach your house. So now you have ONE out of two lifts going up directly to your level. Great. But if you are at level one and the lift that opens is the lift that only reaches level 12, would you wait for the next lift to come along? No right??? The time taken for you to wait for the another lift would be the time you take the previous lift up to 12th floor and climb one flight of staircase. Most people would not wait right? It's just one flight of stairs, not like it's much difference. So assuming this scenario, my 13th floor neighbor will only use the "new" lift 50% of the time.

Is this worth it? 1.5 years of everyone sharing ONE lift is torturous!! I seriously do not understand the decision made to inconvenience everyone SO MUCH just for one level!!! Old people cannot climb stairs? Oh please, I'm sure the owners of 13th floor are not old people because when they bought it they should have known that the lift does not go up to 13th floor.

I seriously don't mind temporary inconveniences for a better environment but 1.5 years is not a short time and I just find it difficult to justify the inconvenience. The benefit that comes out of this inconvenience is just so small that I can't understand why the decision was made to upgrade the stupid lift.

Okay I have finished ranting. So anyway, I went to buy contact lens yesterday!!

1st Shop:
Best price - $37 for 2 pairs
(That's $18.50 per pair)

Felt that it was cheap, plus it is a common brand. But I wanted to see if there are better prices elsewhere, so I went to the shop opposite.

2nd Shop:
Best price - $56 for 4 pairs
(That's $14 per pair)

Very tempted, but honestly speaking, it is only $4.50 difference per pair of lens but the comfort level of this lens is not as good as the ones in the 1st shop. And so, I went back to the 1st shop.

1st Shop (2nd visit):
When I was selecting colors, the sales person told me that the blue ones, only the blue ones, have a 1-for-1 promo. Means if I pay the original price $25 per pair of blue lens, I will get another one free pair of blue lens. Good deal!! Plus I love blue lens! Then the bad news came :( They only keep stock of zero-degree lens as blue is not a popular color. If I want to buy, I need to place an order and come back another day to collect. I don't go to this place frequently and it is not convenient, so I decided not to buy the other colors at $37 for 2 too. Siao! Got 2 for $25 why would I want to buy different color at 2 for $37?? Just the color and $12 difference in price already!

And then I saw a 3rd Shop:
Best Price: 3 pairs for $27!!!
(That's $9 per pair~~ Super cheap!!)
Bad thing is, it's quite an unknown brand. BUT I BUY!!!!! Hahaha I think this is the cheapest contact lens I ever bought in my entire life. Worth blogging. Lol.

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