Sunday, April 29, 2012

Boardgames on a lazy afternoon

On a lazy afternoon, we decided to head over to MindCafe at Tampines Safra for lunchie and some boardgames!

(Top from TheFashionStreet)

We purchased the combo, which was $12 per pax for 3 hours of games plus a combo meal consisting of soup/salad, drink and main course.

Unlike the other noisy branches which I've been to before, this branch was quite empty and quiet. Great way to spend the afternoon!

Curry in breadbowl.

Roasted chicken with rice.

Food was okay-okay, but I think it's still cheap, considering that the cafe provides boardgames to play plus we could sit there for 3 hours!

We spent half our time there eating and chatting, we were left with very little time to play!

I wanted to play this but the blocks had disgusting gooey stuffs on them. Must be some prank by the previous player, or they spilled food on it and didn't bother to clean up.

Played this monkey game instead! Played this with Isaac the first time I visited MindCafe and up till this day I still remember how much fun this game was! I have better skills/tricks now. I won this game by the way :p

Then we played this game. It's fun!!! Laughed so much at this game. We had to clear out our deck of cards as fast as possible and the player who uses up all cards first wins. At first it looked like I was going to lose and my friend offered to exchange decks so that I'd have lesser cards.... BUT I REFUSE!! End up, usually my own merit, I WON!!!! Hehe. I didn't play cheat and took the lesser deck, I caught up and won using my own deck of cards!!

This one below was fun too.. It's like a game of bluff. So anyway, the trick to this game is to not cheat and not call out the opponent as a bluff. I won because my opponent kept calling me bluff when I didn't. Haha.

Played this game below briefly but we terminated it halfway.

Our last game that day was The Game of Life. I remember when I was younger, I used to go to my grandpa house and we would play this with my uncle, except that it was videogame instead of boardgame. Very fun!!

Check out the career card which I got from the deck - "Artist"! If only! If only I can stay at home and just paint and paint whole day~~

Had a fun afternoon!

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