Saturday, April 14, 2012

Marmalade Pantry

Marmalade Pantry

We initially planned on going to Riders Cafe for brunch. I have heard about Riders Cafe for a long time and always wanted to visit the place and try out the food.

But when we arrived there, we realize that Marmalade Pantry is just beside it! And so, a spur of the moment decision was made. We went to Marmalade Pantry instead! We did not do any bookings at both cafes because they said reservations was full and we were encouraged to walk-in and try our luck instead. We were lucky indeed! We got a table immediately and it only became more crowded 10 minutes after we were seated.

Totally love the 'away-from-city' ambiance. Such great sunny weather too!

I've been carrying this bag as my daily bag for a week now! Love it!! It matches almost all my clothing and it can store so many things. Love the design too. I got it from You can check out the shop for more bags which they recently brought in.

There were 'normal' drinks such as "Ice Lemon Tea" and soda but we decided to get something special. The selections had a wide range of tea, coffee and milkshakes in different flavors. We eventually got these: Chocolate Banana Shake. It was too sweet at first but yummy after awhile!

I had Ice Mocha. Erm, it's not a special choice, but what's breakfast food without coffee? It comes with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.

We had Eggs Any Style ($20) with English sausage (you have a choice of either that or smoked bacon), sauteed mushrooms and whole wheat toast. We requested for the roasted tomatoes and baked beans to be removed because I do not like tomatoes and beans. They kindly replaced it with more mushrooms.

We also ordered Eggs Benedict ($19). The yolk was sadly overcooked. I'd have preferred it to be runny, as it should be. The Hollandaise sauce and ham was good though.

This was taken halfway through the meal. Just look at me and you know I'm very happy with what I'm eating!!

Before our meal, we spotted a horse that was strolling and we were very very near it (because we spoke to the person holding the horse haha) but didn't see any after that. Saw this pony that was giving rides to some Eurasian kids though. Was so afraid that it would kick or bite me suddenly!! Haha.

The place had such a nice environment!

I'd definitely head to this place more if it isn't so far away from my home. Also, the menu didn't have baked eggs, unlike Epicurious and Hatched.... Any more good brunch places to recommend? Comment and let me know!

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