Friday, April 27, 2012

Last week, I had dinner with a few other bloggers. Cabbed down to Changi Village Hotel with Randy and met the rest at The Wine Company. It's a pretty place with a nice ambiance!

The food is good. The prawn was yummy!

Photos with Nuffies and other bloggers.

It was interesting and fun chatting over dinner!

Randy's smoked salmon pasta. I love smoked salmon!

I had the All-day-breakfast, though it was already supper-time. haha. My dish was the last to arrive, but nevermind I like the food! I like the runny egg I like the bacon I like the mushroom I like the sausage I like the hashbrown! Usually breakfast platters they only give you 3 of the above lor!

Qiuqiu had this lava cake earlier, which was lighted on fire with alcohol. Quite interesting, though she said that it would taste better without the alcohol. Everyone else who ordered the lava cake later on took her advice. Haha.

Randy's ice-cream! So anyway, their ice-cream all melted before mine came (last again! plus my last is quite a time away from the 2nd last!). I guess a scoop of plain chocolate ice cream is quite hard to scoop... Haha. Or, the chef hates me.

Photo with Randy~~

My dress is from MissQueenie! If you noticed, it is the same dress two entries down, just in different color! Each had their own 'feel' I think! Bag is also from MissQueenie. Love it so much that I'm carrying it almost everyday now!

Peggy was also at the dinner but she was at the opposite end of the table so we didn't get to speak much! Catch up next time girl! :)

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