Thursday, April 26, 2012

That day I walked past Aries at White Sands and saw a standee outside announcing their One-day-only promotion: Buy $15 worth of items and get $15 worth free!!!

Of course I had to go in! In the end I spent $18 and got $18 worth of items free. Took a basket and filled it with $36 worth of items, not feeling heartpain at all because I'd only be paying $18! Haha. If the price states $1.90, means it's only around 95 cents!

Bought headbands in various colors to match more clothing. Haha.

Also bought these floral clips... Love the soft dreamy and pastel look!

Then I had some budget left over so I got those clip-on ribbons and hairtie.

When I shopped it felt like a lot but seeing it in photos it looks like actually just a very small buy. But still, I'm glad I caught the deal because it's only a One-Day promotion!

I went home and received 4 boxes of eyelashes from my lash sponsor Really love their lashes! Cheap + comfortable and comes in a variant of designs. I took my favorite 826 (First from left) and also 3 other designs to try out. The other two at the right look kua-zhang but I shall try it one day and let you all see how it looks on the eye! I think it'd be good for party nights or droopy eyes.

I also got a pink eyelash holder from them! Love!

With a mirror too! I love how there are two sections because sometimes I bring out two pairs of eyelashes just in case, and I just store each pair at each section. This way, I won't mix up the two pairs!

Check out now! Besides eyelashes and case, they are also selling eyelash glue. Make your eyes pretty with lashes!!

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