Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Finally met up with Belinda again after so long! The last time we managed to 'meet' was at my birthday party, which is about half a year ago. Tsk!

We met Fidelis and Jacelyn too! Nadia was supposed to come along too but she had something on last minute :(

We decided on Fatfish Steamboat at Ehub. Awesome, because we all live in the east side. Especially me, I could walk to Ehub if I wanted to!

This was my second time at Fatfish. The food is okay okay only lah, but quite a good quiet place to have a relaxing dinner with friends.

Saw Milly having dinner there with her friends, my Coccomomo sponsors!

Our table was very balanced. Me and Fidelis focused on the meat. Jacelyn and Belinda ate plenty of veggies. Haha. Before I arrived, they ordered so many veggies I was horrified. Luckily after that I ordered everything meat meat meat and meat.

Took my camera out to do a "pretend to take food from the steamboat" photo, so I anyhow grabbed a veggie. They all called me a bluff because I don't eat veggies in steamboat. Lol! Then they joined in the fun. Me and Fidelis held veggies for a change while Jacelyn and Belinda took seafood. Haha.

Was so much fun catching up, talking about boys and sharing the woes of growing old! Haha. Oh ya, main topic of the night was Ghost. Especially the story of the KTV ghost, which gave us goosebumps. Thanks ah, Fidelis. Haha.

We should totally meet up more often. We all stay very near each other hello?!

Love the dress I wore that day! It's from if you are interested. Comes in another color too.

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