Sunday, April 1, 2012

Gala night on cruise

Gala Night on Cruise!

I managed to take a photo of the usually busy atrium without anyone except a pair of legs! Good job! Haha.

We washed up to prepare for the Gala Dinner. Was still early so we went to take a look at the arcade at level 10, where our room is!

Empty. Sigh, I've never seen such an empty arcade before. Have you seen the arcades at Genting? Full all the time!

Another empty place on the ship. Where's everyone?!?! Haha.

I love looking out to the sea. It's so peaceful and feels like we are in the middle of nowhere, away from all the troubles of reality!

Mum looking happy. Haha.

We headed to the Grand Piazza for pre-gala cocktail!

Can take pictures with them!

I had plain o' orange juice haha.

Sun shining over the seas.

Time for the much awaited gala dinner! Ours were arranged at Bella Vista.

I super love smoked salmon! I felt so blissful as I ate this dish. Hehe.

This is Mum's Chicken Walnut Terrine. Mine still nicer! :p

Cream of Watercress and Potato and Clear Oxtail Broth for mum.
This is the first time I drank watercress soup~! Quite nice surprisingly!

Grilled Barramundi Fillet & King Prawn

Grilled Chicken Supreme

Semi Frozen Blue Elderberry and Yoghurt Parfait

Why is mum wrapped up in her scarf?

For magic show by Charles Bach! The show was entertaining! However, I think that he is the "trick" type of magician... not really the type that is "wow, he really know magic issit????" type.

Time for supper! :p We never let any day go by without supper.

Caricatures drawing on board!

View from the lift!

My lovely pink dress is from! They have new arrivals. Check it out!

Anyway, Happy April Fools day! Today I only tricked one person... and it's successful! Hahaha.

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