Sunday, April 22, 2012

Last day on Cruise

Finally I'm on my last entry for the Superstar Virgo Cruise. It has been dragging for far too long isn't it? The cruise holiday was in early February and now is already nearing the end of April! Didn't have time to really sit down, sort out the photos and blog properly for so long.

And so, it was the final day of the cruise. Feeling kinda sad that morning, because we were on the way back to Singapore already :-(

Had breakfast at Pavillion again. Congee and dimsum.

Went back to the room to pack our luggage, rest, and dress up!

Went to the boardwalk for the refreshing sea view again! I think mum was at the casino when I took these pictures below.

I asked a random uncle to take a photo for me and he looked so shock. Haha. He took this blur and dark (I adjusted the lighting already) photo for me before he quickly left the area. Kelian de uncle, he was actually relaxing on the chairs before this!

Alright, take photos myself!

Went upstairs to watch Charles Bach's second performance on cruise. This morning's highlight is to watch him free himself from chains while underwater.

Of course, he made it.

Me and mum took a photo with him after the show~!

I really like the outfit I wore that day! It's from! The belt is attached to the dress :) The ruffles on the sleeve is also lovely!

After a long morning, time for lunchie! I miss being able to dine such awesome meals for free everyday!

We had time to laze around before our next program...

Explored Galaxy Of The Stars before the "Call My Bluff" game starts.

Took photos with the stars of this game! The lady in black is the cruise director. She is very humorous! I love her hosting for the programmes every night.

This gameshow was entertaining!

Immediately after the gameshow, bingo lottery time!

Me and mum each bought a ticket. Look at our numbers? The numbers that I have, she doesn't have. Those that she have, I don't have. Lol! Anyway, we didn't win again :(:(

Visited the Captains Bridge too.

So cool to see the control room!

Afterwards was a private event by Five Star Tours. Some magic show~~

Mum won spa vouchers at the lucky draw. Would have been great if we won the travel prizes!

The final hour before we have to leave for disembarkation, we had dinner at Bella Vista.

Goodbye Superstar Virgo..... I look forward to my next vacation! :)

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