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For our first breakfast on board the next morning, we went to Bella Vista for continental and western.

I'm not a cereal person, so I took bread and butter and ordered the western special.

Omelette, sunny side up, poached egg, bacon, ham, sausage and hashbrown. If only I could eat such breakfast every morning. Haha.

Eggs Benedict.

After breakfast, we went for a dip at the Jacuzzi! There were four in total and we both had one all to ourselves! Mum said that when it's high-season, there is no such luxury as many strangers would share the pool.

Mum looking xing-fu.

It was definitely very shiok and satisfying!

It's like submerging yourself in water on water. Geddit? Jacuzzi (water) on the seas (water). Haha.

After washing up, we went to have morning tea at the Mediterranean Terrace.

This coffee got funny story de! Mum placed the cup of yuan-yang (coffee mix with tea) on the table before we went to take pictures of the sea view about 10 metres away. After taking pictures, we were walking back when she saw another man carrying a tray of bread and about to sit down on our table. She went to him and said something along the lines of "this is actually our table" and proceeded to take the cup of coffee on that table to another table (she was still thinking graciously "never mind lah we sit elsewhere"). We sat and chat for awhile before mum realised that this cup of coffee did not have the teabag which her earlier cup had. Then she realised..... the staff had actually already cleared our table and this cup she took away actually belongs rightfully to that man!!! LOL. That man must be thinking "This crazy woman why take away my coffee." LOLOL. It's so funny whenever I remember how he went back to the coffee machine to get another cup and giving mum the strange look.

Children's pool and playground downstairs.

Quite a nice place to relax and chill.

Nice sea scenery! My color block dress is from

Asked a stranger nearby to help us take picture! We did not have many photos together on this trip because there were only two of us.

After that... was 1130AM - lunch time. Haha! I know right! Keep eat and eat and eat! Barely noon and 3 meals taken already.

Finally reached Penang! We had booked shore excursions so we were going down the ship.

Will blog about Penang in another entry.

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