Saturday, February 11, 2012


Part of me feels like it's a relief. Part of me feels like something's missing...

It's so timely that I'd be going away on a cruise tomorrow, just as I'm struggling to recover from a painful breakup. But the cruise is a Valentines special cruise. Oh the irony.

So yeah, it's kinda fortunate that this trip came along to take me away from Valentines day in Singapore. I'd be bringing my mum along, and I hope I'd have fun amongst all the lovey couples there. I will be spending the rest of today scheduling updates for the next few days while I'm away, so do come back here to read even though I'm not here.

Anyway, about Love, I think I still believe in it. I don't have any regrets, because I feel that I have done my best. No matter how much I like someone, I do have my own standards on how I deserve to be treated. I can lower my expectations but if I don't even feel the basics of what a relationship should have, then it is pointless for me to continue finding excuses for you. I can give more than 100%. But I won't give it if you are not even willing to give me 50%.

Perhaps me and him were just two people from very different worlds, living very different lives, walking towards a very different future. I feel like I'm just a tiny little spark that happen to cross his path and changed his outlook in life a little different for a little while. He was a fantastic lover at first but the core of everyone cannot be changed and towards the end, we had plenty of disagreements and unhappiness due to the different values we have towards a relationship.

I feel upset and hurt. Mainly because of the beautiful time we had right at the beginning of our relationship and it would have been great if we could work it out. But I think we have been dragging and trying to repair it for way too long. I'm very afraid of missing him though. I need plenty of distractions.

People who know me know that though I place alot of importance on love, I'm an emotionally strong person. After crying for awhile, I will move on. I learnt a lot and I think that over the years, I have became a better person. I will meet a suitable person in the future. I hope.

I, Have Lots Of Love To Give.

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