Monday, February 20, 2012

Camera lcd smashed!

I forgot to tell you all that my camera's LCD screen smashed! I only found out about it 2 days before I was due to go on the cruise.What bad luck! A corner of the screen had smashed and black ink spread till half of the screen. I was still able to take photographs but could not frame the photo properly as the edge can't be seen. The photos in the Chong Qing Hotpot were all agar-agar aiming! I don't even know how the camera broke.... Maybe because I dropped my bag on the office floor the day before?

I called up several repair shops to find out if they could repair my camera before I leave for the cruise but the minimum waiting time was 1 week. Sigh! I managed to loan a Epl1 for my trip and has fallen in love with it! I'm now thinking of trading in my Ep-1 for a Epl1 :D

So anyway, I would like to introduce 3 online stores today!

The Handlebar has just launched their latest collection, 'ALL THESE CHARM & SPECTRUM'! My favorite piece for the new collection is the 2nd last one on the first row :)

Quote "ESTHERXIE" to get SGD1 off each apparel you purchase! Do join their mailing list as well to receive complimentary normal postage! While you're at it, like their Facebook page for real-time updates and more opportunities to receive discounts!

Visit The Handlebar today! (:

Besides nice clothing, you also need to have cute accessories for your phone! Many iPhone/Blackberry covers and earphone pluggies are launched at CovetedSG! Fans of Hello Kitty, you don't want to miss this launch as they have brought in many Hello Kitty themed hp covers etc~ There's also an ongoing giveaway where you can win yourselves Hello Kitty earphones! Not a Hello Kitty fan, fret not as they also have many other pretty covers as well! You'd definitely find some new clothes for your hp there~

I'm so jealous of you Iphone users. So many pretty covers to choose from!
Shop now!

And if you love leopard prints, you gotta love FlauntFetish. They are launching a new preorder - All related to leopard prints. For example, heels, clutches, bags, etc!

If you do not like leopard prints, there are also other nice designs for you to choose from. All $30 and under! I checked out their past preorder and I love the designs they have selected. You should totally add yourself to their mailing list!

Quote Esther to get 2 dollars off!

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