Monday, February 6, 2012

Why so kaypoh -.-


Can someone tell me why I so kaypoh go join in the ghost stories conversation yesterday?? A group of friends were sharing ghost stories they heard of or encountered overseas and it was so interesting! I happily listened and even said "Some more! Got more or not... share some more!" -____________-

I was alright until night fall came and I felt super disturbed by all the stories!!
This is call "digging hole for yourself to fall in"!

Even till today, my mind still full of these bullshit! Argh, how to clear my brain of all these?! I was alone in the office after work today and my computer took gazillion years to shut down. Meanwhile, I was thinking "I'm so scared already you still so slow!!!!" I kept imagining a red dress lady at a corner staring or suddenly appearing if I look back, look side or look up. After I finally left the office, as I stood in the lift alone and because my office lift is the mirror type, I kept looking down because I'm so afraid that the reflection will come out something that is not suppose to be there!

Okay okay don't talk about all this already! Talk about happy things - SHOPPING!

DECEMBER FLIGHT is bringing you girls a valentine's day collection! This time with lots of sweet dresses and romper for your date with your sweetheart! Meanwhile join their FB contest to win a Ralph Lauren Romance perfume this valentine's day!

Steps towards winning:
1. "LIKE" DecFlight FB page
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Winners will be randomly selected and announced via facebook on 13th Feb 2012!

So Shop away now!

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