Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lunar New Year 2012

This blog entry took me a long long long time.

1st try, after uploading and arranging all the photos according to their date, the coding had some problem and all my photos disappeared.

2nd try, I uploaded all the photos again and this time, after writing half an entry, my web browser hang and I had to start all over again -.-

This is the 3rd try. Sian max! Better not have any issue again!


Went to my grandparents house early in the morning to go visiting together at my granduncle's house. Family photo!

After the visiting, we went to Changi Airport to send my grandparents off as the flight for their holiday was in the afternoon. We had RuYi for lunch!

Joey why your face look like I'm abducting you???

Happy Joey.

Outfit of the day is from Missqueenie. They are holding their first giveaway now! If you wish to win a Tiffany & Co pendant, head over to their website to check out how to win! Promotion ends 23rd February.

Me and my sister. Her dress is from Love, Bonito. Got it when I did the shoot for Jipaban!

After that, we went to my paternal side to visit relatives! We went to 4 houses, not including one which we stood outside a beautiful bungalow pressing the doorbell for 10-15 minutes until my aunt realize that they have moved away. Haha.

Picture with some of my cousins!

Picture of me with my dad at my uncle's house! That little boy at the back is the only male heir to the Chia family! So precious haha. My big cousin not counted cos his mum is Chia but his dad is not, so his surname is not Chia!

Dad and Mum

+ some chicken and soup!

We stayed out really late I was so tired by the time I'm at the last house visit. The little girl on the left is my half-japanese cousin. Her chinese name is 4 words one! She speaks really good English and my conversation with her did not feel like it's with a kid!

Chu Er

We had laksa steamboat for lunch with the leftover ingredients. Plus new bowls!

Went over to my Ahyi's house and munched plenty of these.

I wore this dress from Coccomomo! Love it lots! It's cheery and youthful with its vivid colors, stripes and polkadots!

For Chu San and Chu Si, we went back to work as usual. Got a half day off for Chu San, so happy!

Chu Wu

Relatives from paternal side came to my house to visit! Mum tried cooking this 家传菜 that was rarely cooked after my grandma passed away. I don't recall eating this before though.

Had lots of pineapple tarts this year but none of them were fantastic. I love buttery ones with less pineapple paste.

Chu Liu

This day, my father's friends and my childhood friends came over to do CNY visiting!

Found a deck of my Hello Kitty UNO that I have never played before. But nobody wanted to play UNO so we ended up on the blackjack table.

Jaclyn kept laughing at my floral home-shorts! Very ugly meh!

Chu Qi

Tiered dress from Coccomomo. Paired it with brown belt, bracelet and wedges!

Yu Sheng~!!!

Woah finally finished blogging! Kept getting distracted by 9gag!

*update: As soon as I published this entry and was about to continue enjoying 9gag, I realise I have just finished reading all the new ones -.-

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