Friday, February 17, 2012

Chu Xi 2012

I have not blogged about the lunar new year yet! Let me start with Chu-xi. We already had our official complete reunion dinner with my maternal grandparents, uncles and aunties the week before as my big uncle was going overseas during CNY. And so the rest came over to my house on Chu-Xi to have another reunion dinner!

Many different types of oranges on our table after plenty of exchanges with visitors.

Awesome spread for steamboat! Mum forgot to take out the tofu :'(

Used spare chairs instead of the actual dining table chairs so that more people could squeeze in! That table in the study room is mine (spot my ring light and tripod!). Very untidy right haha. My computer is in another room and I practically use the area in the studyroom only as my storeroom now. Whenever I go home, I put my things there and when I need something, I dig from there. Mum always nag when she walk past the studyroom (almost wrote storeroom lol)... so I always wish she could walk past while looking ahead without looking into the room. Anyway those motivational posters aren't mine. Dad pasted it there. Something about determination I think.

My cutie little baby cousin Isaac!

My little babygirl cousin is cute too! Grown up so much already.

Mahjong for the adults.

Joey is pretending to read a book. Haha. She doesn't really know how to read! I heard her mumbling nonsense while flipping through the book.

Hi Joey, smile for the camera~~

Card games with my uncle and sister. Lucky us won some money from our uncle :p

It's time for Yu-Sheng!

Huat ah!

Birthday cake for my Ah-yi~

Okay that's all for chuxi!

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