Thursday, February 16, 2012


Hi Everyone.

I was back in Singapore yesterday!

Had planned to blog but I was really upset over some stuff so ended up I just went to bed. So, the cruise was great. I compressed all my emotions inside throughout the trip but I crumbled the moment I'm back in Singapore. Oh well.

(Lovely 'tribal-style' dress from and the blazer is from Coccomomo!!)

The bag I'm wore in the previous entry is from!

I chose the green one. It comes in pink too~

Millywalker have plenty of lovely bags in their collection, apart from apparels and accessories.
Isn't this design below so sweet?

Go shopping at now!! Their pretty bags get grabbed by other shoppers very quickly, so make sure you check their web more often!

Another day, I tried finer lashes (type 860!) from and this is the result!

I just went to check out and saw that they have done a revamp! So much lively now! They also made a nice banner for me ^_^ Their past customers have left good reviews on the web about their service! Check out my eyelash sponsor: :)

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