Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Safety Belt

Wanted to blog today but the photo host is down.
:( Hate it leh, I always plan my schedule nicely already then have to postpone everything.

Anyway, I need more free time. I've so much to do so little time! I know I've been saying this very frequently but it's true!

So I was talking to Sabrina that day and she told me I used to be more personal on my blog. Now it's just not that personal anymore...

I guess I've started to self-censor myself! I feel like I'm becoming more careful now because it's like whatever you say also can be wrong, so don't talk better. Or maybe I've just became really lazy... Lol. Because whatever opinion I express, I need to justify. It's too much work for my brains! Haha!

Actually I know that my blogging style has changed a little over the years, but I can't really work out what's the exact difference leh. Can you? I guess I used to share a lot more about my personal life and now I just open up a little. But I really don't know what to share! There's nothing much to say lei.... Or to be accurate, there's nothing much I want to share. I don't even tell much to friends anymore. I think it's just laziness lah. But when I go out with friends, I end up being the one blabbering on and on about what happened recently. Haha. Maybe you can suggest to me what you want me to share about?

Oh ya, I suddenly remembered something that happened recently. I was on a cab typing something on my mobile phone when suddenly the cab braked and I flew forward. Out of my seat. Totally. I fell onto the mat infront of me and knocked against the seat infront of me. LUCKY THE SEAT INFRONT IS SOFT. I've experienced brakes many times before and usually it's just a jerk but this is the first time I actually flew out of my seat! Whole butt on the mat lor. Imagine if I had been sitting on the front seat?? No wonder whenever friends give me a lift and I sit on the front seat they always request for me to put on my safety belt. NOW I KNOW THE IMPORTANCE OF A SAFETY BELT. I always thought that I'd have enough time to hold on to something in such situations but now I know I was wrong. It all happens very fast. One moment you are on the seat and another moment you are not. 1 second is all it takes.

So people.... SAFETY BELT. Remember.

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