Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Safety Belt

Wanted to blog today but the photo host is down.
:( Hate it leh, I always plan my schedule nicely already then have to postpone everything.

Anyway, I need more free time. I've so much to do so little time! I know I've been saying this very frequently but it's true!

So I was talking to Sabrina that day and she told me I used to be more personal on my blog. Now it's just not that personal anymore...

I guess I've started to self-censor myself! I feel like I'm becoming more careful now because it's like whatever you say also can be wrong, so don't talk better. Or maybe I've just became really lazy... Lol. Because whatever opinion I express, I need to justify. It's too much work for my brains! Haha!

Actually I know that my blogging style has changed a little over the years, but I can't really work out what's the exact difference leh. Can you? I guess I used to share a lot more about my personal life and now I just open up a little. But I really don't know what to share! There's nothing much to say lei.... Or to be accurate, there's nothing much I want to share. I don't even tell much to friends anymore. I think it's just laziness lah. But when I go out with friends, I end up being the one blabbering on and on about what happened recently. Haha. Maybe you can suggest to me what you want me to share about?

Oh ya, I suddenly remembered something that happened recently. I was on a cab typing something on my mobile phone when suddenly the cab braked and I flew forward. Out of my seat. Totally. I fell onto the mat infront of me and knocked against the seat infront of me. LUCKY THE SEAT INFRONT IS SOFT. I've experienced brakes many times before and usually it's just a jerk but this is the first time I actually flew out of my seat! Whole butt on the mat lor. Imagine if I had been sitting on the front seat?? No wonder whenever friends give me a lift and I sit on the front seat they always request for me to put on my safety belt. NOW I KNOW THE IMPORTANCE OF A SAFETY BELT. I always thought that I'd have enough time to hold on to something in such situations but now I know I was wrong. It all happens very fast. One moment you are on the seat and another moment you are not. 1 second is all it takes.

So people.... SAFETY BELT. Remember.

Models Required!


Models required to do casual fashion show (Female/Male)

Date: Weekday in March
Location: Shopping Mall atrium for a public event
Duration: Actual show is less than 5 minutes but selected models will be required to attend the briefing and rehearsal session on the day itself.

Professional photos taken during the show will be provided to the girls after the show.

Please send the following to
- Name
- Age
- Height
- Contact number
- 3 Full length photos and 3 head/half body shots
- Photoshoot experience
- Runway experience
- Rate (if applicable)
- Dates availablity in March

Amateurs are welcome to send in your profiles. No need for supermodel vital stats or professional models - we just need regular pleasant looking girls who have the confidence and right attitude.

Applications will close once I confirm enough models. Thanks!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Mirror Mirror on the wall, Who is the Fairest of us all?


Mirror Mirror on the wall,
Who is the Fairest of us all?

Many girls pursue clear and fair smooth skin. Including me. I was lucky that I was born fair and I think that being fair is one of the feature I love most about myself. Somehow, having fair skin gives the vibes of being more lovely and feminine!

However, don't be upset if you are not born with fair skin! Here's the secret to being fairer!

Bio Essence Bird Nest Nutri-Collagen Whitening Series

Everyone knows that Bird Nest is beneficial for beauty. However, I don't like consuming Bird Nest as I don't like the taste. However, I'm glad that I can feed it to my skin for beauty too!

Bio-Bird’s Nest Extract: Extracted from top grade bird’s nest using exclusive biotechnology techniques, resulting in the following effects:
•Deeply nourishes skin
•Promotes blood circulation
•Improve skin metabolism for healthier skin cells renewal

Although I am already fair skinned, I admit to not taking care of my skin properly. I don't have the habit of applying sunblock and I walk in the sun a lot. That's why I'm always on the look out for effective whitening products.

Let me try out the series!

First, the Bio-Energy Firm & Brighten Eye Cream.

The applicator tip is specially designed according to the contour of the eye and allows massaging on the eye area without hurting the delicate skin around the eye. Just press the applicator tip to pump the eye cream out. Gently tap the eye cream around the eye contour.

Using the applicator, gently massage the upper and lower eye contour by outward motion. The result? Less saggy eye bags and chase away the dark circles! This should be very useful for many people!

When you are back from a whole day out, remember to cleanse your face before going to bed. You can use the Nutri-Collagen & Whitening Cleanser in this series. I love the fragrance and the refreshing feeling after washing!

After cleansing, gently massage an adequate amount of Advancer onto the face and neck. The Bird's Nest Nutri-Collagen & Whitening Advancer is also the Winner of Singapore Women's Weekly Beauty Best Buys 2012!

The essence comes after. It contains extra rich nutrients and whitening properties, such as Bird's Nest Essence, natural herbal extracts and mineral elements, which efficiently revitalize and whiten the skin for a brighter and more radiant appearance.

Then the whitening cream! This cream can protect the skin against external environmental aggressors, slowing down the skin's aging process.

One last step before you go to bed. Apply this sleeping mask and leave it on till the next morning. It optimizes the process of skin repair, nourishes, moisturizes and whitens skin while you are sleeping! Isn't it great to know that while sleeping, your skin is effortlessly on its way to become whiter when you wake up? At night confirm sweet dream!

Sleeping time is the golden period for skin repair – get the most out of beauty sleep!

If you also want to Repair, Nourish, Restore your skin, here's how!

Email your name, contact number, age and address to with the subject title: “I want beautiful skin!” to redeem a free Bird’s Nest Sleeping Mask sample!

Yep, the cruise I blogged about recently was sponsored by Bio Essence! I had so much fun! Lots of thanks to Bio Essence!

They also gave me these travel pack mini versions of the whitening series to ensure that even while I soak myself in the sun on the cruise, I am still able to come back with fair skin!

If you are going away on a holiday too, remember to pack these travel packs into your luggage!

Bio Essence Bird Nest Nutri-Collagen Whitening Series
Skin fed with Bird's Nest, Tender and Fair.

(Credit: Outfit from

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Just listened to Landy Wen's new song "忍不住原諒".. I love the lyrics! And suddenly I wonder, how come her songs are so relatable? I feel like the words are stringed together so beautifully to explain everything that I wish to express.

It all started with "傻瓜".

其实他做的坏事我们都懂, 没有什么不同.

I think that the above lyric, many girls can relate to it at some point in their lives. When this song came out, not only the melody was very KTV-ish, I believe the lyric was also why it's so popular among the girls.



我相信 你说的每一句, 就算是 明知是甜言蜜语.
可是我 总觉得哪里有问题, 也许这些话语 不是说给我听.
我相信 是因为你的犹豫, 所以把 感情陷入难题.
没关系 我有做坏人的勇气, 就算毁灭自己 也要捍卫爱情.
我全都相信 相信你说的每一句, 每一句 我答应 我可以 我不会负你
我全都相信 相信你说的每一句, 每一句 只差一句我爱你
我相信 你说的每一句, 就算是 一切都变成回忆
可是我 逃不开也回不去, 也许这些话语 是讽刺的回忆
我相信 是因为你的犹豫, 所以把 我永远困在这里
没关系 我会继续撑下去, 给我勇气呼吸 我只需要一句
我想你说不出 我爱你

I did not really like the melody of this song when it just came out, but then something happened and suddenly the lyric was so exactly what I wanted to say. So I kept listening to this song and the melody grew on me and now I love this song a lot. I think that this song relates the "disappointment" feeling. Have to be listened with the melody to be able to fully appreciate!

At that time, it felt like this:
I trusted, I believed, Even when all the odds are against you.
But suddenly it feels like everything I believed are just excuses I made up for you.


And the 3rd song..."忍不住原諒". I bold the lyrics that I feel are super meaningful. Enjoy!

明明有着秘密隐藏, 你的解释那么牵强.
我躺在你的胸膛, 因为不舍得而迷惘.
清晨阳光吻在脸上, 恶梦过夜就该遗忘.
完美的都是假象, 爱总有起伏会碰撞.
忍不住原谅是拒绝想象, 追究的下场会把未来埋葬.
"Refusing to see the truth because of the fear of destroying the future"
"When love is your strongest desire, you lose the power to let go"
忍不住原谅是有过天堂,才会再向往 回美丽的过往.
"The urge to forgive is because we once had paradise, and we just want to revert to the past"
"Tolerance is not a weakness. It is the strength of deep love"
"What is silliness to others, is actually such a strong love"

I think that girls forgive easily, because they are too afraid of losing it completely.


It would have been great if "錯的人" was sung by Landy Wen instead of Elva! It's also another song with meaningful lyrics.

明知道愛情並不牢靠 但是我還是拼命往裡跳
明知道再走可能是監牢 但是我還是相信只是煎熬
朋友都勸我不要不要 不要拿自己的幸福開玩笑
但是做人已經那麼累 假惺惺的想要逃
在愛裡連真心都不能給 這才真正的可笑
愛得太真 太容易 讓自己犧牲 太容易讓自己沉淪
太容易 不顧一切 滿是傷痕
我太笨 明知道你是錯的人
明知道這不是緣分 但是我還奮不顧身
可能 在愛裡面這樣算笨
可能 永遠沒有所謂永恆
但是我 不願放棄這裡面一點點可能 寧願笨也不想要悔恨
我太笨 明知道你是錯的人 明知道這不是緣分 但我相信有點可能

I have said this before and I want to say it again. I LOVE MANDARIN POP. I love how the lyricists stringed such beautiful and meaningful words together. There are just so many lyric out there not appreciated enough!

Read my previous entry about beautiful mandarin lyrics: CLICK

Friday, February 24, 2012



For our first breakfast on board the next morning, we went to Bella Vista for continental and western.

Thursday, February 23, 2012




It's the new blogshop kid on the block! And it seems like it's doing well so far!

Oh! And the model is Mae! I like Mae :D I think she is good looking. Definitely makes the shopping experience more pleasant.

Check out some of my favorites in their collections! I love that there are many views for each item.

This bright-pastel top with studs would be perfect for pairing with jeans or shorts! Perfect for Spring!

This outfit looks very nautical and youthful!

Looking sweet here!

& the effortlessly chic style.

Plenty of other designs available. And the good news is? Quote "ESTHERXIE" to get $1 off your purchase or when joining mailing list! Do like KESTANO on facebook to get latest updates!

Visit KESTANO today!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Onboard Superstar Virgo!

Onboard Superstar Virgo!

This cruise trip was sponsored by one of my clients and I only got confirmation about it 2 weeks before I was set to go! Was so excited when my leave application was approved ^^

Mum was going with me on the cruise, so Dad accompanied us to Harbourfront Centre in the morning to see us off. He was so jealous that he could not go with us!

We had dimsum at Vivocity before checking in.

The package happened to be Romance theme as Valentines day falls on the 3rd day of the trip -_- I knew about it beforehand but didn't mind it - until a few days before the trip, my relationship crashed and made me dread the sight of lovey dovey couples on board. Get out of my sight!!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Time waits for no one. Love never stops for anyone.

音樂節的煙火照亮多少人的寂寞, 震耳欲聾的全宇宙裝不下一句溫柔.
在你身後低著頭,也沒有什麼好說. 如果你的難過,你的沉默,不為我.
那些捨得捨不得,通通留給回憶好了. 如果你有那麼為難,我也不能勉強的.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Camera lcd smashed!

I forgot to tell you all that my camera's LCD screen smashed! I only found out about it 2 days before I was due to go on the cruise.What bad luck! A corner of the screen had smashed and black ink spread till half of the screen. I was still able to take photographs but could not frame the photo properly as the edge can't be seen. The photos in the Chong Qing Hotpot were all agar-agar aiming! I don't even know how the camera broke.... Maybe because I dropped my bag on the office floor the day before?

I called up several repair shops to find out if they could repair my camera before I leave for the cruise but the minimum waiting time was 1 week. Sigh! I managed to loan a Epl1 for my trip and has fallen in love with it! I'm now thinking of trading in my Ep-1 for a Epl1 :D

So anyway, I would like to introduce 3 online stores today!

The Handlebar has just launched their latest collection, 'ALL THESE CHARM & SPECTRUM'! My favorite piece for the new collection is the 2nd last one on the first row :)

Quote "ESTHERXIE" to get SGD1 off each apparel you purchase! Do join their mailing list as well to receive complimentary normal postage! While you're at it, like their Facebook page for real-time updates and more opportunities to receive discounts!

Visit The Handlebar today! (:

Besides nice clothing, you also need to have cute accessories for your phone! Many iPhone/Blackberry covers and earphone pluggies are launched at CovetedSG! Fans of Hello Kitty, you don't want to miss this launch as they have brought in many Hello Kitty themed hp covers etc~ There's also an ongoing giveaway where you can win yourselves Hello Kitty earphones! Not a Hello Kitty fan, fret not as they also have many other pretty covers as well! You'd definitely find some new clothes for your hp there~

I'm so jealous of you Iphone users. So many pretty covers to choose from!
Shop now!

And if you love leopard prints, you gotta love FlauntFetish. They are launching a new preorder - All related to leopard prints. For example, heels, clutches, bags, etc!

If you do not like leopard prints, there are also other nice designs for you to choose from. All $30 and under! I checked out their past preorder and I love the designs they have selected. You should totally add yourself to their mailing list!

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Smart Prince

Last week's conversation with Fiona:

Fiona: And you are still waiting and hoping that things will change someday right?
Me: No la. I waiting for some prince to come sweep me off my feet.
Me: But this prince better be smart and not use a real broom.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Chong Qing Hotpot

I recently had dinner with Ming, Nuffies and other bloggers at Chong Qing Hotpot. I hope that Nuffnang will have more of these gatherings!

Present that day besides me were Ming, Nadia, Valerie, Noel, Ben, Gabby, Hui Xian, Jayne and Shawn who is not inside the picture.

It was the first time I ate fishpaste for steamboat! They all said it's very nice so I tried. Yep, it's good! But nothing beats my favorite pork meat during steamboat sessions hehe.

It was a long dinner session and we took some photos before heading home. This is Jayne, my blog manager.

With Nadia ^^

Ben, Jayne, Me, Shawn & Gabby!

This taken while sharing cab with Valerie and Nadia for the ride home. I LOVE EASTIES!!!!

If you are interested, the dress I'm wearing is from Coccomomo. I love their range of dresses. Do check it out!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lunar New Year 2012

This blog entry took me a long long long time.

1st try, after uploading and arranging all the photos according to their date, the coding had some problem and all my photos disappeared.

2nd try, I uploaded all the photos again and this time, after writing half an entry, my web browser hang and I had to start all over again -.-

This is the 3rd try. Sian max! Better not have any issue again!


Went to my grandparents house early in the morning to go visiting together at my granduncle's house. Family photo!

After the visiting, we went to Changi Airport to send my grandparents off as the flight for their holiday was in the afternoon. We had RuYi for lunch!

Joey why your face look like I'm abducting you???

Happy Joey.

Outfit of the day is from Missqueenie. They are holding their first giveaway now! If you wish to win a Tiffany & Co pendant, head over to their website to check out how to win! Promotion ends 23rd February.

Me and my sister. Her dress is from Love, Bonito. Got it when I did the shoot for Jipaban!

After that, we went to my paternal side to visit relatives! We went to 4 houses, not including one which we stood outside a beautiful bungalow pressing the doorbell for 10-15 minutes until my aunt realize that they have moved away. Haha.

Picture with some of my cousins!

Picture of me with my dad at my uncle's house! That little boy at the back is the only male heir to the Chia family! So precious haha. My big cousin not counted cos his mum is Chia but his dad is not, so his surname is not Chia!

Dad and Mum

+ some chicken and soup!

We stayed out really late I was so tired by the time I'm at the last house visit. The little girl on the left is my half-japanese cousin. Her chinese name is 4 words one! She speaks really good English and my conversation with her did not feel like it's with a kid!

Chu Er

We had laksa steamboat for lunch with the leftover ingredients. Plus new bowls!

Went over to my Ahyi's house and munched plenty of these.

I wore this dress from Coccomomo! Love it lots! It's cheery and youthful with its vivid colors, stripes and polkadots!

For Chu San and Chu Si, we went back to work as usual. Got a half day off for Chu San, so happy!

Chu Wu

Relatives from paternal side came to my house to visit! Mum tried cooking this 家传菜 that was rarely cooked after my grandma passed away. I don't recall eating this before though.

Had lots of pineapple tarts this year but none of them were fantastic. I love buttery ones with less pineapple paste.

Chu Liu

This day, my father's friends and my childhood friends came over to do CNY visiting!

Found a deck of my Hello Kitty UNO that I have never played before. But nobody wanted to play UNO so we ended up on the blackjack table.

Jaclyn kept laughing at my floral home-shorts! Very ugly meh!

Chu Qi

Tiered dress from Coccomomo. Paired it with brown belt, bracelet and wedges!

Yu Sheng~!!!

Woah finally finished blogging! Kept getting distracted by 9gag!

*update: As soon as I published this entry and was about to continue enjoying 9gag, I realise I have just finished reading all the new ones -.-