Our Wedding Timeline (Click on each stage to find out more!)

The Proposal
Parents Meet Parents Session
Selecting Our Wedding Date
Wedding Venue
Vendor Research
Theme and Colours
Gown Selections
Prewedding Shoot in Korea - Behind the Scenes
Wedding Rings
Prewedding Shoot in Australia - Behind the Scenes
Food Tasting
Prewedding Studio Shoot - Behind the Scenes
Bachelorette Party
Guo Da Li
Collecting our Marriage Certs at ROM
Prewedding Photos - Korea
Prewedding Photos - Australia
Prewedding Photos - Studio

After our wedding, the next step would be making preparations for our new home. For renovation collaborations, email to :)

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  1. There is a humbling feeling you receive as you go to venues like this. A sweeping era of romance was born here, and it's clear why. One of the most beautiful wedding venues I have visited anywhere in God's beautiful World and I have been nearly everywhere imaginable!