Friday, February 3, 2017

Wedding Preparations - My Bridesmaids

Today, I shall do a short introduction about my bridesmaids!

The ideal arrangement was to get girls belonging to the same group so that they already know each other, but it was impossible for me because most of my female friends come from small cliques in different areas of my life and all of them are equally important.

After much thought, I chose these six girls that I deem as some of my closest friends, whom I can feel comfortable with and connect on a heart to heart level.

The maid of honor, of course is my sister Joanne! I trust her taste and she knows me well enough to know what I like or don't like. My sister asked why the maid of honor is named as such, is it because this person's scope is to kio-sai. Actually, I think yes leh. Hahahaha. She is also the designer behind all the chio artwork for my wedding!

The next person that automatically became my bridesmaid, is my bestie Fiona! I've known her since I was 13! We were in the same class from Secondary 1 all the way to Secondary 4, then we went to the same Polytechnic graduating with the same diploma, and advanced to take the same University degree. It's a wonder why we are in totally different fields now. Haha. Someone I can chit chat for hours with and still have so much to say!

I got to know Ruoxuan from secondary school too. She has always been quietly supportive of me and I really appreciate that. A good listener and very sincere friend, definitely someone I cherish very much!

Mai, a close friend from Polytechnic and University days. Through the years, we bonded over countless crazy conversations and laughter. She'd definitely be a joyful and fun addition for my wedding day :)

I met Clare few years back and surprisingly we got along quite well although I'm very 'Chinese' while she's more westernized. I love her subtle humour and I'm glad our friendship remained strong even to this day!

And finally, Chelsea - a representative from my favourite group of people, the 'lehbin' peeps. We chat almost everyday and I can tell them anything and everything! They are my support circle, entertaining my nonsensical rants all the time. Haha.

I think I've an awesome combination here and I'm sure they will get along fine because all of them are nice girls!

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