Sunday, February 26, 2017

Circles.Life Discount Code - Q0EM1

21.4 GB?!?!????

I usually use around 15 GB in a month, not sure why it's so high this time!

Sent these to my friends and they all exclaimed that they have difficulties going beyond 2-3gb in a month, whereas I sometimes exceed 1gb in a single day??

How is it possible sia. I only scroll Facebook and Instagram and I'm not even that active! I'm not the type to scroll till the end of my feed, usually just for a minute or two. My main usage is on the line app, maybe it's the stickers?

I refuse to spend $200+ on my phone bills every month!

So last week, I signed up for Circles.Life data plan! I heard about it a long time back but didn't really pay much attention to its benefits, until now!

For $28 a month, I get 4gb of 4G data + caller number display + unlimited whatsapp + 100 min talktime! I only took the base plan because I can change plan anytime or add on for $6 per gb (so much cheaper than what my current service provider charges! They also have option to boost small amounts like 100mb 200mb etc. How awesome is that? Sometimes I pay extra $ for an entire 1 gb when I only exceeded 99mb!) No contracts.... might as well! If I port over my current number, I get another 2gb but maybe next time.... Try first. Hehe.

Get $20 off when you sign up with my referral code so that I get bonus data!! Some other users managed to accumulate 30gb/month of bonus data sia... maybe if your social circle is big, you can too! Use my discount code okay -  Q0EM1


(Update: Circles.Life just announced that if you can also pay $20 more to get additional 20gb! OMG BEST DEAL EVER)

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