Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Day I Ate Fish Testicles

Went for an Omakase session at Teppei with the girls earlier this month and it was quite an experience! Omakase is a Japanese term in restaurants for letting the chef decide on the entire menu. And this is how I ended up eating fish testicles for the first time ever. I will elaborate more later.

Nadia is a regular at Teppei and she has nothing but praises for it so I was quite looking forward to the dinner!

Counter seats for everyone so we had a good view of the chefs preparing our dishes. After we were seated, a waitress came to each of us individually to note down what we don't eat. I asked for no beef, no oysters, and no wasabi. The list could go on and on but I decided to not be so troublesome. Hahaha.

It all started seemingly tame at first. Our first six courses served in a single platter. Everything was yummy, a good start!

Next up, sashimi! I usually only like salmon but everything was so fresh that I liked every single piece although I don't even know what fish they used! I am already impressed at this point.

There are supposedly 20 over courses but I lost count mid-way through because the food just kept coming. The following photos are not in sequence. I'd just caption the more interesting ones!

This is probably the best hand roll I ever had! Fish, rice, tempura, and other ingredients in a crispy seaweed. It was so good that I had to finish the entire roll even though I was already feeling a bit full from all the rice!

From time to time, the chef would "spoon-feed" each of us directly and the scenario was hilarious because sometimes they'd cheekily tease the diners by retracting the spoon. In fact, all the staff are friendly and energized throughout, which made the whole experience very fun!

Warm sweet broth was comforting.

Chef Yamashita Teppei looks jovial that night!

My first time having Uni (sea urchin). They say this is a delicacy which you either love or hate. I guess I wouldn't eat it again out of my own will. I guess I don't really like the texture and taste?

Oh this one was da bomb. Super yums!

Ok, now the "highlight". Before the dinner, Jacelyn was telling us about how she tried whale's sperm at a previous omasake session and it was horrible. So when this appeared, we immediately suspected that it's the same thing! We asked the staff and they said it's Fish balls. As in, Fish Testicles. OMG! I would never have ordered it on my own accord so I decided to give it a try. It wasn't as fishy as I thought but the texture was... ewww. Never again! Must make sure I don't eat this again! But at least I've ate it once in my life!

The rest of the dishes were so tasty too! We were very very very very full towards the end but every single dish was so delicious that we finished everything!

I chose four types of sushi for main course.... Teppei's sashimi and sushi are really good!

The girls had wagyu beef!

Meanwhile I had the Kurobuta Pork which was tender and so good!

Foie Gras and Unagi! Perfect combination, melts in the mouth!

A scoop of ice cream for dessert!

It was quite exciting throughout because you never know what's the next dish! I felt so adventurous that day! Lol. Also, I got the chance to try a few dishes that I would never have thought of ordering myself outside.

Only thing is, I had to rush through every course because I'm a slow eater and it was super pressuring when everybody else already finish their dish except me! But still, I would definitely want to come back here again!

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