Tuesday, September 29, 2009

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How many times have you silently thank the person who invented the thing that made life easier for you?

For example, The Lift.
Without the lift, imagine us climbing a 10 storey flight of stairs everyday when you get home from a tired day at work. Imagine the horror of not knowing what would appear when you turn each dark staircase corner in the middle of the night after coming home late.

The Transport.
The mrt, the buses, the cars, the plane, the ship. Gotta thank the inventors 100 times over for developing sampans into big ships for safety, trishaws into cars for speed, and chugchug train into the mrt for less noise.

The Tap.
Im sure you dont want to travel 2km down your neighbourhood to get a pail of water for bathing right?

The Spectacles.
In the past, a 700 degree myopia like me would be pronounced as BLIND.

The Contact Lens.
In the past, being short sighted means no more fate with being pretty because you have to wear dorky glasses. Now, you can put on coloured lens and have a fair competition with those with perfect eyesight.

The Aircon.
Imagine not having it. How could we survive?

I've so much more examples that i can give but i shall stop here if not this entry will never end. Haha.

Creativity is the driving force behind all this change! Change that is for better life for all of us, changed focused on finding solutions to the myriad problems the world is facing. Imagine if without creativity, how would anyone imagine that we could make a bicycle run faster by modifying it into a motorbike?

Creations doesn't have to be big things like what i mentioned above. Even small creations can be important, as long as it makes things work faster, easier and more efficient. Anyone can do it by applying engineering in creative ways to create great innovations.

The Creators of Tomorrow strongly believe that creativity and engineering are inseparable, that's why they collaborated with BMW Group Asia and created CREATE2010, a competition that challenges contestants to think of ways on how to improve the world using science and technology.

If you have a creative mind and want to put your engineering skills to help change the world to a better place, you should definitely join this contest. (Amazing prizes! Read on to find out!)

So how do you start?

Form a team of 2 and register before 16 October 2009. http://www.ucreatechange.com/create2010 .

On 23 October 2009, 10 shortlisted entries will be posted online.

- Two teams will be selected as finalists through online public voting. Three additional teams will be selected as finalists by the judging panel of the Creators of Tomorrow.

- All five finalist teams will receive S$1,000 per team and given the opportunity to receive an additional S$1,000 to develop a feasibility plan to bring their idea to life and compete for the grand prize. (Imagine your ideas being financially supported to finally be created for real! You gotta be proud of that. Who knows, maybe one day your creation would be needed by every household!)

- Teams who accept the S$1,000 will have one (1) month to build their feasibility plan, which is to be presented to the judging panel on 11 December 2009. Winners will be announced.

- The team must work within the S$1,000 for final submission. The S$1000 will be given to the school and students need to get the reimbursement from the teacher-in-charge. Proof of purchase must be presented to qualify.

Alright alright, here's what you are waiting to know about.
Look at how much they are encouraging you!

- 2 teams will win the Phase 1: F1 prize consisting of a Sunday walkabout pass valued @ S$128 each for each team member and 1 teacher for each winning team and an F1 meet-the-driver session at the BMW Showroom before the F1 race. ( I WANT!)
- Phase 2/Grand Prize – the winning team members and one (1) teacher, will receive a five (5) day trip (including travelling and transiting time) to visit the BMW World in Munich, Germany. Airfare (ECONOMY) and lodging will be provided for each team member and the teacher for the wining team. The winning team (and teacher) will visit BMW Welt, BMW Classic Cars Museum and the BMW Manufacturing plant in Munich. (DID YOU HEAR OMG?)


Quick, grab a creative partner and register before the deadline!
http://www.ucreatechange.com/create2010 .

Some days back, Sony ericsson sent me this little cute plant thingy.

Love how it looks so heart shapey.
It's now sitting on my dining table watching mum and dad drink coffee every morning ^^

SX brought me to go watch Phobia2.
He was excited over it even before it started showing and kept pestering me to go watch it with him as soon as we can.

On the date itself, i told him i dont want watch 'phobia' lets go watch 'accident' instead. Then he pout. Hahaha.

Okay, and so we went to watch. We managed to reach 20 mins before the movie starts and even got the last couple seat available! We love coupleseats. I extremely hate to watch movie with him on normal seats. The arm rest thingy is so in the way!

Alright, so how was the movie?
I have mixed feelings towards it.

I hate it because it's so scary. Probably the scariest shit i've seen in months.
I love it because of the storylines. I liked that the ghosts didn't come out because of nothing (that'll be so unreasonable!). I liked it that the victims are people who did something wrong, thus receiving the horrors. I think the movie should be renamed as "Karma" because the stories seem to teach us not to do bad things instead of any relation to phobias.

*spoilers alert*
Text in lavender are potential spoilers.

I really have to share the stories to you! I think the scriptwriter is awesome.

Story 1: MONK

A teenage boy killed his beloved father with a rock accidently and his mum brought him to a monastary so that he'll not be caught by the law.

He escaped the law but did not escape karma. He was killed in the end by rocks.


A boy got into an accident and stayed in this particular hospital room. He witness the nurse not fufiling her job on the another patient yet did not voice out. He got curious at night and peeped at the other patient.

He got possessed by the spirit of that patient (who is some leader of a clan or something) in the end.


A korean couple hitched a ride and got into this lorry van. Midway, they stopped the vehicle and realised the people they used to smuggle drugs with are dead because the plastic bag broke in their stomachs and they became zombies, chasing and biting them. Everyone died in the end.


A woman deal with cars that got wrecked in accidents and repair them to normal. However, she lies to all buyers that the cars are accident-free. Her own son got lost in the middle of a night in the car showroom. She got locked into a car and witnessed the previous owner's death (this is scary. it shows a woman beside her wanting to get out of the car but the lock is spoit, thus unable to escape, and slowly burned. it's like a repeat of the accident scene)

She then killed her own son because she drove away in a car, only to realise that her son is inside the fronthood, burnt by the pipes.

Story 5: FILMING

This one is funny. Everything was a misunderstanding in the end. Everyone they thought is ghosts, are actually not dead yet. Loved this story the most.

Couldn't sleep after watching the movie! The scenes kept replaying in my mind. So freaky.

You've to watch this show.

After the movie, we went to have steamboat. Haha we are always having steamboat. Tian Tian Huo Guo again. We found another steamboat place nearby that have crayfish! Gonna go that place next time :D

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Just now i just messaged him saying that PMS week is coming, then he replied "Wa, pms already ar, Jia Lat. Haha"

Monday, September 28, 2009


Wanton noodles!
Met up with Isaac and had noodles! Happy that fareast got Graffiti Cafe branch. Convenient :)

Check out his blonde hair.

Bought this pair of skyhigh heels afterwards. It's currently the highest pair of heels i have. Love it! It looks even higher than this in real life. Pain!

We went to Milly and gathered with Fidelis and Nadia who were doing their manicure. Such a long time since i last saw the two of them.

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We played with the makeup http://www.silkmineral.com/ sponsored me. There are eyeshadows, bronzers, and blushers. They also added a packet of SILK PROTEIN, which is to be added into your shampoo and shower product. It is a very good moisturizer and crystallize to protect the hair and skin from UV rays.

At the website, you can have a look at their ingredients used in the makeup. Mineral makeup is preferred over usual makeup because of their natural ingredients that dont spoil your skin like how normal makeup.

Some different colours :D


Purple and Pink. Did it anyhow by myself. Haha.

Purple and White. Done by Nadia. I keep giggling while she put on for me and couldn't take her instructions of "open eyes", "look up", etc. She got frustrated. LOL.

Purple was a favourite colour and everyone wanted to use it. i didn't let PengPeng use it for my third set. Haha. She exclaimed that my pair of eyes is the most difficult pair she had to makeup for in her entire life. She felt that it's not easy to put decent eyemakeup for my eyes and finally understand why i always put so black! Heh. Fidelis and nadia refused to accept the fact though, they want me to go do double eyelid surgery. Lol. I scared lah. And even if i was given the chance to do surgery, i'll do my nose first!

You may also look at their EOTD page from their website to see the other colours you can mix for your eye makeup. (http://www.silkmineral.com/)

I think that the prices listed are very reasonable, and there is a wide variety of choices you can choose from. Be spoiled for choice!

There are many more cosmetics-related stuff that they sell. Go have a look!

Back to my normal makeup.

Alfred rushed from fliming to meet us for COCO BEFORE CHANEL. Our screening time was 7.10 but we left Milly only around 3minutes before the show start. We prayed for more trailers and adverts before the movie starts to buy time, while we half-walked half-run.. LOL.

The Coco song is stucked in my head.

After the movie, many shops were closed but we settled into this Japanese restaurant. Food not bad luh, i forgot how it taste already. (This entry supposed to be up so long ago!)

Fidelis left shortly afterwards without eating cos Leon came to pick her up.

Group picture!

Alfred's curry. Not bad.

Me and isaac ordered same dish but mine came like damn long after his was served.

Yummy! Itadakimasu!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Gosh. Cabfare from clarkequay to clarkequay: $10+.
Consisting of:
Flagdown- $9 ($3 standard, $4 surcharge, $2 erp),
and $1+ travelling -.-

Damn bohua. Amanda, who was late and took the cab from the same place as i did, also exclaimed of the horrendous pricing. It's only a 10-15 minutes walk lor!

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Me and Sis having late nights recently. My days are super packed from morning till late night and i only managed to blog cos i had drafted them out last week, and i only have to click the publish button =x

On msn with my sis the other night. I was in the room with my parents, each using our own coms while she was out in the studyroom using her own computer. It was damn late already yet the whole family was still busy clicking on our mouses. Haha.

' ESTHER * ice-angel : says:
hor hor you havent sleep!
' joanneCHIA ♥ says:
you also what.
plus i 2pm wake up today
' ESTHER * ice-angel : says:
that day i more li hai. i 330pm then wake up
' joanneCHIA ♥ says:
mum nvr call you wake up meh?
' ESTHER * ice-angel : says:
actually still want sleep one but mummy nag me wake up at 330
' joanneCHIA ♥ says:
hahhahah i going 2pm only mum nagging liao.
cus she want eat lunch and she want me cook for her.
' ESTHER * ice-angel : says:

How i wish there is more sleeping time for me. Yet when i have time to sleep, i prefer spending the time to do more productive stuff. Haha.

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Thanks :)

Friday, September 25, 2009


Planned by Shimin, I hope she had a great party! :D

Me and SX were one of the first few who turned up. Blew up balloons to decorate the place and played with Wii. Accidently knocked SX's lips when playing the "boxing game". Haha.

Overall i had fun at the party. Here are some photos :)

I love polaroids.


SX being a great bbq-er. Haha.

Blur pics are good. Lol.

Steffi and her friend. There were many other people but i dont know them so i didn't take their pics. Haha.

Derick! He know steffi through me and now he's more close to them than me! -.-

SX, Miner, Gary, forgot-his-name, shimin, and derick!

Steffi's cake. Naughty!

We were thinking where to put the candles. Haha. We used those toy candles that cannot be blew out no matter how you blow at it.

Classic birthday shot

Steffi blew a million times yet the candles keep lighting up. Haha.

Steffi and Shimin.

& derick.

Steffi, Miner, and Me.

Group picture.

With the birthday girl.


Cake was yummy. Hee.