Saturday, September 12, 2009

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Winnie and I met up some days back to get this phone from LG! When we were told about the crystal phone, I thought it’s just a phone blinged up! Haha.

But I was wrong! It’s a cool looking slim phone with a transparent Crystal Touchpad. I was so amazed by the beauty. When slide open, the Crystal Touchpad illuminates an iridescent glow. Imagine using the phone while clubbing or events, all the attention will be on you as people wonder how come your phone is transparent!

This is LG’s latest fashion phone, luxurious style and premium design, for people who like to catch up all the latest trends and be in the spotlight. If you are someone active in the fashion scene, this phone is no doubt going to catch your eye. You can have many designer labels, but imagine wearing all of them out but without a fashionable phone to match. What a pity!

It’s definitely unique, because it’s the World’s first transparent design phone (that’s why I was shocked by the design! Couldn’t stop pressing the Crystal Touchpad, haha.) Oh, and if you are going to say that “fashion phones have lousy features”, you are WRONG. This one has 8-megapixel camera to take stunning and high resolution images, you can watch high quality videos within the 3 inch wide WVGA LCD, enjoy great music with the integrated MP3 player and it’s also touch-screen user-interface! It’s like a great package – Looks and Brains.

Do you already want to be able to get your hands on the phone like us?

Here’s a chance!

Visit the LG GD900 Crystal Facebook page to learn about the phone, and also join this interesting and easy contest!

Just show us how you would be CLEARLY FASHIONABLE!

To participate, you must become a fan of the LG GD900 Crystal Facebook page ( ), take and submit a fashion photo of yourself wearing “transparent” (no obscenity and nudity though! LG will remove it as it is not allowed. ) to the photo tab of the page. You must show off the “transparent” fashion piece stylishly and in an interesting manner. The “transparent” fashion piece must be associated with your wardrobe.

An example of what I submitted!

I didn’t have to think of what I could use as the fashion piece. I used my favourite Gold Transparent Bag! I use it almost everyday so you know how much I love it. Many people told me they like it too! Received lots of emails from readers asking me where I got it. You see, transparent is nice.


The first category will be the Most Voted winner. Get your friends to vote for you and if strangers like your style, they’ll vote for you as well.

2nd category will be the Judges choice! Me and 4 other bloggers (Winnie, Celestina, Peggy, Xiaxue) will be judging and deciding on the 5 winners! – hohoho bribe me lah =P

Anyone can join the competition.

Just submit a photo of yourself with a fashion element that matches the LG GD900 crystal, look cool, and write a caption about how you are Clearly Fashionable (not more than 150 words).

Of course, you should at least pose better that my picture above! More creativity and style would win over us :D

Alternatively if you are camera shy, you an view the other entries (yes, get some fashion style tips from the cool people), comment and vote!

You can also check out the specs and more details of the LG GD900 Crystal on the page.


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