Saturday, September 26, 2009

Gosh. Cabfare from clarkequay to clarkequay: $10+.
Consisting of:
Flagdown- $9 ($3 standard, $4 surcharge, $2 erp),
and $1+ travelling -.-

Damn bohua. Amanda, who was late and took the cab from the same place as i did, also exclaimed of the horrendous pricing. It's only a 10-15 minutes walk lor!

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Me and Sis having late nights recently. My days are super packed from morning till late night and i only managed to blog cos i had drafted them out last week, and i only have to click the publish button =x

On msn with my sis the other night. I was in the room with my parents, each using our own coms while she was out in the studyroom using her own computer. It was damn late already yet the whole family was still busy clicking on our mouses. Haha.

' ESTHER * ice-angel : says:
hor hor you havent sleep!
' joanneCHIA ♥ says:
you also what.
plus i 2pm wake up today
' ESTHER * ice-angel : says:
that day i more li hai. i 330pm then wake up
' joanneCHIA ♥ says:
mum nvr call you wake up meh?
' ESTHER * ice-angel : says:
actually still want sleep one but mummy nag me wake up at 330
' joanneCHIA ♥ says:
hahhahah i going 2pm only mum nagging liao.
cus she want eat lunch and she want me cook for her.
' ESTHER * ice-angel : says:

How i wish there is more sleeping time for me. Yet when i have time to sleep, i prefer spending the time to do more productive stuff. Haha.

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