Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hotel photoshoot for Jolene and Amanda, thus roxanne and me had to be there. Sat there for the whole day doing nothing watching them shoot. Haha.

Introducing, MR BREAD!

Love his facial expression. So cute!

Can get him at Action City. He even smells like a real bread!

Nursey Bread!

Me, Bibi with nurse hat and roxanne.

Hellokitty strap for my new camera.

Drove down to Xinwang at Marina Square afterwards with Amanda, her friend and her friend's bf cos i was craving for Seafood Horfun. Haha.

In the end only me and Amanda ate.
Had seafood horfun, soy beancurd, and french toast.

SX came to pick me up and went home afterwards :)

( i have around 7 or 8 more entries with pictures to update-_-)

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