Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Am editing many new entries to be published.

Meanwhile, shop at my blogshop-
http://mysecretrose.livejournal.com/ !
I just revamped the page abit. Heh.

Collection 3 is up.
Sexy barebacks, fredperry blouses, UK studded tanktop, zipper and florals :)

The popular pieces run out very fast, so do be quick!
Immediate payment secures more chance of getting the piece.

Click to enter collectoin 3.

Anyway, i think that http://happyitshere.com.sg/ is very accurate! I'll always warn sx before my PMS days so that he'll handle it better. Hahaha.

Just now i just messaged him saying that PMS week is coming, then he replied "Wa, pms already ar, Jia Lat. Haha"

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