Friday, September 11, 2009

(pictures in this entry taken by my dad's old and lousy 5megapixel lumix camera. Even mum's handphone camera is already 8 megapixels lor! Anyway, i just bought a red Canon Ixus 100IS at Comex today. So happy.)

SX brought me to this famous bak kut teh store that morning :)

It's called SongFa, located near clarkequay. You see the pictures up there? One of them is a pic of fannwong and christopher lee eating there!

If order tea can use this:

Compared to the other tables, we ordered considered very little already.
The soup was sweet and really nice. Meat is tender and soft. Not the usual kind that will leave bits of meat in between your teeth.

Pig trotters! This one is damn good, really! I ate alot of it. Haha.

Salted Veg. This one tasted different from other ones i ate at other stalls.

SX left for work and i went to spend afew hours at Milly's!

First, pengpeng helped me to pluck my eyebrows and after that, i went to do Facial! Minus the extracting part. If you wanna do facial also can go to milly's website to find out more :)

Before she removed my makeup. Felt really comfortable on the "bed" covered with a cozy blanket. Haha.

Afterwards, they helped me curl my hair! (temporary curls) You can do it at Milly's for a small fee as well. Free if you do hair extensions there.

Check out my newly dyed light brown hair ^^

Walked around and bought a denim jacket cos very cold. Lol.

Night time came and i was craving for steamboat. SX brought me to bugis' tian tian huo guo! I remember we went there on our first full-day out when we had just started to get closer :)

Soup was great that night. Chicken and pork ribs soup.

Look at the amount of meat we ate. SX loves pork. He always order pork one.

Before i go to sleep, i shall introduce this lovely bagshop selling beautiful bags. They sponsored me this pretty pink bag! I already have it in black and white but the pink one looks good too! It's currently my favourite bag. Hee.

They also imported many other designs that are really pretty!

What's best, is that most of them are less than $30!!

Older collections are under sale now, so grab what others have missed! New arrivals have plenty of choices as well, get them before others do!

You'll be spoilt for choice.

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