Friday, September 25, 2009


Planned by Shimin, I hope she had a great party! :D

Me and SX were one of the first few who turned up. Blew up balloons to decorate the place and played with Wii. Accidently knocked SX's lips when playing the "boxing game". Haha.

Overall i had fun at the party. Here are some photos :)

I love polaroids.


SX being a great bbq-er. Haha.

Blur pics are good. Lol.

Steffi and her friend. There were many other people but i dont know them so i didn't take their pics. Haha.

Derick! He know steffi through me and now he's more close to them than me! -.-

SX, Miner, Gary, forgot-his-name, shimin, and derick!

Steffi's cake. Naughty!

We were thinking where to put the candles. Haha. We used those toy candles that cannot be blew out no matter how you blow at it.

Classic birthday shot

Steffi blew a million times yet the candles keep lighting up. Haha.

Steffi and Shimin.

& derick.

Steffi, Miner, and Me.

Group picture.

With the birthday girl.


Cake was yummy. Hee.

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