Wednesday, September 23, 2009


They hired a cab to transport me over to Sentosa, where the event was held. Dresscode was black, but i realised that i dont have any totally black dress that fits anymore :( I've some pretty bodycon black dresses but my tummy is showing nowadays. Argh. Such unforgiving material and cut.

Nevertheless, i wore my grey toga dress and tried to make it look like im wearing black, by putting on my black jacket with black belt and heels. Heh.

Nadia and Claudia.

It was more of a media event than bloggers event because compared to the number of local and foreign media who attended, the bloggers count was only a dot.

Liked the posh hall and set up.

After some mingling, it was time for the presentation. Usually product launch talks are draggy and long, but fortunately this time the speech length just right and i didn't fall asleep.

Amazed by how they presented the products and how they swing into position. I wont know how to describe them in words, but i would say they must have put in quite alot of effort.

There were some pretty awesome new products, but i've sworn to secrecy not to reveal them till it's officially launched, so we shall wait. However, there are still other amazing stuffs!

Look at the swarm of photographers. Haha.

I couldn't see much cos i was blocked, but fret not... for we get to see and touch them afterwards!

What really caught me and nadia's eyes was this:

HP Mini By Studio Tord Boontje, the world's first mini notebook with HP imprint 3D! The cover is just so beautiful. It's amazingly light too! Only 1.06kg!

They gave us special pricing. Dad and mum say maybe sponsored half for my bday present (yes my bday is coming. faster ask me what i want! lol. )


Nadia crazy over this strawberry fondue.

I've launched my second collection. Do support ya?

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