Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Some days back, Sony ericsson sent me this little cute plant thingy.

Love how it looks so heart shapey.
It's now sitting on my dining table watching mum and dad drink coffee every morning ^^

SX brought me to go watch Phobia2.
He was excited over it even before it started showing and kept pestering me to go watch it with him as soon as we can.

On the date itself, i told him i dont want watch 'phobia' lets go watch 'accident' instead. Then he pout. Hahaha.

Okay, and so we went to watch. We managed to reach 20 mins before the movie starts and even got the last couple seat available! We love coupleseats. I extremely hate to watch movie with him on normal seats. The arm rest thingy is so in the way!

Alright, so how was the movie?
I have mixed feelings towards it.

I hate it because it's so scary. Probably the scariest shit i've seen in months.
I love it because of the storylines. I liked that the ghosts didn't come out because of nothing (that'll be so unreasonable!). I liked it that the victims are people who did something wrong, thus receiving the horrors. I think the movie should be renamed as "Karma" because the stories seem to teach us not to do bad things instead of any relation to phobias.

*spoilers alert*
Text in lavender are potential spoilers.

I really have to share the stories to you! I think the scriptwriter is awesome.

Story 1: MONK

A teenage boy killed his beloved father with a rock accidently and his mum brought him to a monastary so that he'll not be caught by the law.

He escaped the law but did not escape karma. He was killed in the end by rocks.


A boy got into an accident and stayed in this particular hospital room. He witness the nurse not fufiling her job on the another patient yet did not voice out. He got curious at night and peeped at the other patient.

He got possessed by the spirit of that patient (who is some leader of a clan or something) in the end.


A korean couple hitched a ride and got into this lorry van. Midway, they stopped the vehicle and realised the people they used to smuggle drugs with are dead because the plastic bag broke in their stomachs and they became zombies, chasing and biting them. Everyone died in the end.


A woman deal with cars that got wrecked in accidents and repair them to normal. However, she lies to all buyers that the cars are accident-free. Her own son got lost in the middle of a night in the car showroom. She got locked into a car and witnessed the previous owner's death (this is scary. it shows a woman beside her wanting to get out of the car but the lock is spoit, thus unable to escape, and slowly burned. it's like a repeat of the accident scene)

She then killed her own son because she drove away in a car, only to realise that her son is inside the fronthood, burnt by the pipes.

Story 5: FILMING

This one is funny. Everything was a misunderstanding in the end. Everyone they thought is ghosts, are actually not dead yet. Loved this story the most.

Couldn't sleep after watching the movie! The scenes kept replaying in my mind. So freaky.

You've to watch this show.

After the movie, we went to have steamboat. Haha we are always having steamboat. Tian Tian Huo Guo again. We found another steamboat place nearby that have crayfish! Gonna go that place next time :D

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