Monday, September 28, 2009


Wanton noodles!
Met up with Isaac and had noodles! Happy that fareast got Graffiti Cafe branch. Convenient :)

Check out his blonde hair.

Bought this pair of skyhigh heels afterwards. It's currently the highest pair of heels i have. Love it! It looks even higher than this in real life. Pain!

We went to Milly and gathered with Fidelis and Nadia who were doing their manicure. Such a long time since i last saw the two of them.

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We played with the makeup sponsored me. There are eyeshadows, bronzers, and blushers. They also added a packet of SILK PROTEIN, which is to be added into your shampoo and shower product. It is a very good moisturizer and crystallize to protect the hair and skin from UV rays.

At the website, you can have a look at their ingredients used in the makeup. Mineral makeup is preferred over usual makeup because of their natural ingredients that dont spoil your skin like how normal makeup.

Some different colours :D

Purple and Pink. Did it anyhow by myself. Haha.

Purple and White. Done by Nadia. I keep giggling while she put on for me and couldn't take her instructions of "open eyes", "look up", etc. She got frustrated. LOL.

Purple was a favourite colour and everyone wanted to use it. i didn't let PengPeng use it for my third set. Haha. She exclaimed that my pair of eyes is the most difficult pair she had to makeup for in her entire life. She felt that it's not easy to put decent eyemakeup for my eyes and finally understand why i always put so black! Heh. Fidelis and nadia refused to accept the fact though, they want me to go do double eyelid surgery. Lol. I scared lah. And even if i was given the chance to do surgery, i'll do my nose first!

You may also look at their EOTD page from their website to see the other colours you can mix for your eye makeup. (

I think that the prices listed are very reasonable, and there is a wide variety of choices you can choose from. Be spoiled for choice!

There are many more cosmetics-related stuff that they sell. Go have a look!

Back to my normal makeup.

Alfred rushed from fliming to meet us for COCO BEFORE CHANEL. Our screening time was 7.10 but we left Milly only around 3minutes before the show start. We prayed for more trailers and adverts before the movie starts to buy time, while we half-walked half-run.. LOL.

The Coco song is stucked in my head.

After the movie, many shops were closed but we settled into this Japanese restaurant. Food not bad luh, i forgot how it taste already. (This entry supposed to be up so long ago!)

Fidelis left shortly afterwards without eating cos Leon came to pick her up.

Group picture!

Alfred's curry. Not bad.

Me and isaac ordered same dish but mine came like damn long after his was served.

Yummy! Itadakimasu!

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