Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hey people!
Watched TheUglyTruth with SX justnow with nuffnang tickets.
While on the train ride home, i suddenly had a sudden fear of the door opening midtrack and me dropping down because i was leaning against it. I wonder if such a thing happened before.

Anyway, my rotting finger problem is back again. It has been cured a week ago after i started going on medication but after i stopped, it came back again! So irritating. Super itchy lor. Now it's reddish and painful. When i visited the doctor previously, he told me that it's Eczema. Boo, go away eczema.

And yeap, I finally finished setting up my own blogshop! :)
It's at

My partner has a real retail shop and handles wholesale orders from suppliers and purchasers. She is usually the one who get the new products first, knows what are the popular trends around, and so you gotta trust her taste!

Debut collection is out, please support! FREE NORMAL POSTAGE FOR ALL. Lots of inspired designs, from topshop, mango and asos :) I've got afew other stocks waiting to be updated this weekend as i havent taken the measurements yet.

Some of my own favourites for this collection is:

They have this in white as well.

Love the gold buttons on the sleeve of this toga!

Please link up the banner and if you do, just leave your blog address when ordering and i'll give you 10% off! (only for collection 1)

Do join the mailing list as well to get the latest updates!

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