Monday, September 14, 2009

I received an email from the Build-A-Bear workshop some days ago, regarding a Health Checkup for our bears.

It states:

We also have to register to make appointment..

I told SX about the email and laughed.
SX replied "haha, then we bring BiBi go lor!"

I thought this kind of thing should be i say one?? Usually it's the girl who would drag the guy to do this kind of silly stuff but in my case is the other way round. Haha.

And so we went with Bibi. Feel so paisei when we reached there cos everyone there are KIDS! only we both is old one lor!

First, the nurse ask us to take off bibi's clothes and took Bibi's information. When she got to the question about how old Bibi is, me and sx looked at each other and tried to recall what date was it when we went to create Bibi.

Was it one month ago? Or less than a month? Or 1 month half??
In then end we said "aiya, just put one month la".

The nurse laughed and say: "nextime got real baby how? Forget the age ah." Haha! Never thought that this could happen to me.

She then took Bibi's height and weight. Afterwhich, we went to the Doctor's counter. He used the stethoscope to check Bibi's heartbeat and said Bibi's heartbeat is normal. He then gave her a jab, and said he want to give her an eye test. He asked Bibi to cover her left eye and read out the alphabets on the chart. He say her eyesight not very good, have to eat more carrots and buy spectacles. Lol.

Afterwards, he asked SX to help pump dunoe what thing. SX went to press to hard and sort of spoil the toy. Haha.

The doctor gave us a medical record too!

You know what's funny about all this? The doctor never once laughed! He looked super serious like he's a real doctor checking on a real child! So funny. World's most boliao job. Hahaha.

Me and SX then went shopping around the bear's shop to find new clothing for Bibi. We found so many nice boy clothing! If i known earlier, i would have made Bibi a boy. Nevermind, nextime bring our male bear, Bobo there. So few pretty dresses for Bibi. What's worse, bibi is FAT, that's why she cannot wear spaggetti strap dress. Lol.

We went to have dinner after taking forever to choose a shirt and shoe that looks cute on Bibi.


Ordered watercress soup. $18.00 for a pot.
It was yummy right down to the last portion, cos we found a small fly in it *pukes*

Crab Meat fried rice.

Crispy Duck. Love it, if the sauce is taken away.

The manager gave us Mango Sago as apology for the fly. It's yum.

This is bibi with her new pink shirt and furry shoes!

I look horrible in the pictures :(

*  *  *
Anyway, I was eating KFC with sx justnow.

Both of us felt full and bloated just after our two piece chicken. We looked at the cheese fries and none of us wanted to eat it.

I tried eating afew pieces and then tried to convince sx to eat it too. He keep saying dont want dont want. He must be really full cos usually he would give in and just eat if i ask him to.

After some failed attempts into getting him to eat some, i jokingly said: "If you eat the cheesefries means you love me. You eat more means you love more"

He immediately grabbed the box and stuffed forkful after forkful of fries into his mouth, and swallowing them. That expression on his face, priceless.

If you were me, im sure you'll be feeling all sweet inside too, seeing your guy doing something so silly for you.

I didn't know whether to feel gandong or laugh lor! It's really funny seeing him looking so silly stuffing so much cheesefries into his mouth quickly. Yet i was feeling all warm and lovey inside already.

He finished the whole box of fries, not even leaving one. Then he said "you see i love you so much, i finished everything"

im such a easy girl to please ya?

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