Tuesday, September 29, 2009

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How many times have you silently thank the person who invented the thing that made life easier for you?

For example, The Lift.
Without the lift, imagine us climbing a 10 storey flight of stairs everyday when you get home from a tired day at work. Imagine the horror of not knowing what would appear when you turn each dark staircase corner in the middle of the night after coming home late.

The Transport.
The mrt, the buses, the cars, the plane, the ship. Gotta thank the inventors 100 times over for developing sampans into big ships for safety, trishaws into cars for speed, and chugchug train into the mrt for less noise.

The Tap.
Im sure you dont want to travel 2km down your neighbourhood to get a pail of water for bathing right?

The Spectacles.
In the past, a 700 degree myopia like me would be pronounced as BLIND.

The Contact Lens.
In the past, being short sighted means no more fate with being pretty because you have to wear dorky glasses. Now, you can put on coloured lens and have a fair competition with those with perfect eyesight.

The Aircon.
Imagine not having it. How could we survive?

I've so much more examples that i can give but i shall stop here if not this entry will never end. Haha.

Creativity is the driving force behind all this change! Change that is for better life for all of us, changed focused on finding solutions to the myriad problems the world is facing. Imagine if without creativity, how would anyone imagine that we could make a bicycle run faster by modifying it into a motorbike?

Creations doesn't have to be big things like what i mentioned above. Even small creations can be important, as long as it makes things work faster, easier and more efficient. Anyone can do it by applying engineering in creative ways to create great innovations.

The Creators of Tomorrow strongly believe that creativity and engineering are inseparable, that's why they collaborated with BMW Group Asia and created CREATE2010, a competition that challenges contestants to think of ways on how to improve the world using science and technology.

If you have a creative mind and want to put your engineering skills to help change the world to a better place, you should definitely join this contest. (Amazing prizes! Read on to find out!)

So how do you start?

Form a team of 2 and register before 16 October 2009. http://www.ucreatechange.com/create2010 .

On 23 October 2009, 10 shortlisted entries will be posted online.

- Two teams will be selected as finalists through online public voting. Three additional teams will be selected as finalists by the judging panel of the Creators of Tomorrow.

- All five finalist teams will receive S$1,000 per team and given the opportunity to receive an additional S$1,000 to develop a feasibility plan to bring their idea to life and compete for the grand prize. (Imagine your ideas being financially supported to finally be created for real! You gotta be proud of that. Who knows, maybe one day your creation would be needed by every household!)

- Teams who accept the S$1,000 will have one (1) month to build their feasibility plan, which is to be presented to the judging panel on 11 December 2009. Winners will be announced.

- The team must work within the S$1,000 for final submission. The S$1000 will be given to the school and students need to get the reimbursement from the teacher-in-charge. Proof of purchase must be presented to qualify.

Alright alright, here's what you are waiting to know about.
Look at how much they are encouraging you!

- 2 teams will win the Phase 1: F1 prize consisting of a Sunday walkabout pass valued @ S$128 each for each team member and 1 teacher for each winning team and an F1 meet-the-driver session at the BMW Showroom before the F1 race. ( I WANT!)
- Phase 2/Grand Prize – the winning team members and one (1) teacher, will receive a five (5) day trip (including travelling and transiting time) to visit the BMW World in Munich, Germany. Airfare (ECONOMY) and lodging will be provided for each team member and the teacher for the wining team. The winning team (and teacher) will visit BMW Welt, BMW Classic Cars Museum and the BMW Manufacturing plant in Munich. (DID YOU HEAR OMG?)


Quick, grab a creative partner and register before the deadline!
http://www.ucreatechange.com/create2010 .

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