Saturday, October 3, 2009

Yay! I was invited to the NNawards by Nuffnang.
Much loves ^^ See ya all who will be there!

I had postponed this Pringles entry till the last minute. It was obviously not a very good idea, cos today's deadline and im down with flu and sorethroat. Not feeling very Krunch to take pictures of myself.

And thus, i let my bears BIBI and BOBO have the Krrunch!

A little background characteristics of these two bears.
BIBI is active and love to run about, play around have Krunch.
BOBO is lazy and his only interest in life is eating, and eating is Krunch.

Materials you will need:

Empty can of pringles
Green thick paper
Textured brown paper
Clear Tape
2 Rulers
Black marker

Make a hole at the bottom of the can.

Wrap the can with the textured brown paper.

use the black marker to draw marks on the "tree trunk"
Cut 2 green paper into this shape.

Put the 2 rulers together and connect them together using scotchtape. This is a slide for the coins.

I dont really know how to explain how to do the slide thing, but you can figure that out :D Haha. Poke it into the hole you made on the can and secure it with scotch tape.

Use scotchtape to stick the back of the green paper together.

use orange playdough to make "oranges". You can use other colours to make other fruits as well.

stick it on the green paper.

Attach the green part to the "trunk" and you get a MoneyTree Savings bank!

Now the top lid (now at the bottom) can be used to take out all your coins when you need to take it out!

It's KRRUNCH TIME, Get playful!

Credits to sx for helping out, bibi n bobo, and my sister's bed. Hee.

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