Friday, October 23, 2009

Just came back from NNawards! Had fun.
Will blog about it another day!
Love the events that nuffnang plan :D

Gotta sleep early tonight (although it's already 1.04am and that's not early) because i have an assignment with my friend esther (ya same name) tomorrow and a photoshoot at night, thus i have to look really good whole day. I hope my face doesn't swollen up tomorrow.

Here are some random pictures to make this entry seem longer and more complete =P

Went crystal jade with bf the other day.

sharkbone chicken soup.

eggwhite sauteed prawns.

wanton soup! my fave. they have really good wanton soup.

grill fish.

I dont like this kind of scallop. was tricked into ordering by the waitress.

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