Friday, October 16, 2009

Random picture. Haha im so excited for nnawards. Already prepare my dress liao!

Last minute meetup with Fidelis and Isaac. Off to Vivocity!
I love chinese restaurants. Reluctantly, isaac and fidelis walked into my choice of dinner, Dian Xiao Er. Haha.

The dowmiao very nice!

I forgot what soup this is already. Haha.

Sweet and sour pork.

Fish. This took damn long to arrive. We finished everything before this came!



I was dressed down that day. Spectacles, cardigan and slippers.

Already bought our movie tickets "Funny People" but Alfred say the movie is not nice, thus we tried asking the counter if we could change it to Surrogates.

At first isaac was asking me to act fierce so that the counter will allow us to change, but in the end we didn't even have to be fierce lor, the counter girl so nice!

Ben & Jerry while waiting for the movie to start!

Shared a tub.

Chocolate therapy (isaac),
Strawberry cheesecake (fidelis)
and my favourite Cookie Dough.

In the end my cookie dough which was at the bottom melted and mix with chocolate therapy -.- The chocolate so sweet and strong, i cannot even taste my cookie dough already lor! pfffttt.

Fidel bought me a gift!

Anna Sui lipgloss =)

Surrogates is a good movie. MUST-WATCH.
Fast paced. I like.


Family went to Crystal Jade.


Coffee marinated fried chicken.

Prawns. VERY nice.

Kailan. The stalk was so tough that my teeth became painful for the whole meal.

Cake at home.

SX celebrated my bday belated because i wasn't able to meet him on the actual date. Nevertheless, it felt like my bday! I was able to get my way throughout the day, and i can even force him keep praising me. Cos "it's my birthday". Lol.

Went KTV. Saw this mv, we laughing like mad cos the female lead's tummy is overflowing. Tummy overflowing is not funny but then no mv producer in their right mind would ask the girl to wear such clothings when they have big tummy right? SX say "wah like that also can be mv girl leh." The more funny thing was, the camera seem to keep focusing on the tummy. Lol.

It was worse than this but then i didn't have time to take photo cos i was laughing along.

He brought me to the Cathay Restaurant. They have the 6-course tasting menu, which means the food portion and service would be like finedining, just that the price is affordable. Only $68++.

He actually already had better plans and go to those real fine dining places but then the boss delayed his pay. =

Double boiled shark cartliage soup with spaghetti squash

Deep fried prawn in golden sauce served in lettuce.

Steamed snapper fish fillet with chopped chilli.

Pan fried porkchop with special sauce and seasonal veg.

Braised Homemade noodles with shredded chicken and minced shrimp.

Dessert: Yam IceCream topped with Pumpkin sauce.

The food is nice but then i think we only became full because we had lots of chinese tea in between! lol.

Took neoprints! Havent took pictures of each of them, show you all some other time!

At night, we went geylang for some FrogLegs. Super nice. Had 3 of them!

Although i didnt have a condo-bbq like 2007, although i didn't have a hotel suite like 2008, but i still felt very happy with this simple bday this year.

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